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DIY Christmas Wooden Sign video

xmas_signHappy Wednesday everyone!  In this video Mr. G and I show you how we made our Comfort and Joy Marquis sign for the magic cottage.  I chose comfort and joy because I really strive for these two feelings and certainly don’t mind being reminded of them all year round!

I hope you enjoy the video!

Love, Violette xo

Quirky Animal Jar lid DIY



When my sister was here visiting I decided that one of our little craft projects was to make some Quirky Animal jar painted lids to hold fun, colourful supplies like pom poms, marbles, alphabet letters and coloured chalk.  My grandchildren are going to love them!



These are super easy to do. I bought my toy plastic animals at the dollar store but you can get fancier expensive ones at craft stores.  The jars were also bought from the dollar store.  You can use whatever jars you have in the house though.



First of all you spray all of the jar lids, animals and whatever else you have lying around that is begging to be painted with a white primer. You could skip this step however that would mean you’d have to spray way more colour over each item to get good coverage. My sister Linda is doing this – she’s a real go getter and wanted to get down to business ASAP!



I used Krylon Color Master spays in 4 different colours.  You then spray your items – it took about 3 coats to totally get good coverage.



You’ll want to do this outside as the spray paints are fairly toxic.




Next I used Gorilla Super glue to glue the animals onto the painted jar lids.  You have to choose animals with fairly substantial feet otherwise you won’t have enough surface area to glue the animal to the lid.  Do this outside as the glue really has a strong smell…….or at least do this step in a well ventilated area.



These two little beauties were too big to go ontop of the jar lids however i thought they would make a cute addition to my shelves.



And Voila!  You have your super duper colourful animal jar lids to fill up with all kinds of crafty and artsy goodness!

Your kids or grandchildren (or your inner child!) will love this craft!

Love, Violette xo 

Art Journal page repurposing


I liked the art journal page i created yesterday so I decided to print it off and glue it to the front of a new composition book (those inexpensive books for taking notes? Click on the link for more ideas on how to cover these books). I love repurposing pages that are favourites. When i have an inspiring cover on a blank book I’m more likely to use it – how about you?


I glued the page to the book with mod podge.  I dropped a puddle of mod podge onto the cover and scraped it on with a discarded credit card for even coverage.  Then i carefully placed my printed journal page on top smoothing it out making sure there were no bubbles. 


I added some fine glitter to a couple of spots – dabbed some mod podge on first to adhere the glitter. You need fine glitter for this step otherwise the tape on the next step will poof out.  Next i used strips of clear packing tape over top to make the cover more durable. For that funky look i adore so much i decided to add a checked decorative duct tape to the spine. Voila!  I have a colourful and inspiring notebook to store ideas and notes in! Smile

Here’s a little idea you might want to pay attention to – give your glued cover some time to dry (probably at least 2 hours) before adding the packing tape to it.  In my haste to have this book ready to photograph for you this morning I put the tape on before the glue was dried – check out the discoloration on the woman’s neck.  I poked a couple of pinholes in the area and hope the glue will dry.

Free Mixed Media Workshops

If you are looking for a bit of art inspiration and instruction you might want to sign up for Strathmore’s Online Workshop Series. You can sign up for Traci Bautista’s or Cathy Johnson’s class – both excellent classes.  I know that the Summer is a slow time for many people – it’s the perfect time to hone your skills and learn a few tricks to add to your artsy toolkit.

That’s it for today – I’ll be babysitting my wee grandson Cillian this afternoon!  See you tomorrow!

Love, Violette xo

Collage Booklet tutorial


This is the booklet i created that was inspired by the collage i made the other day – for a tutorial on how to make the collage go here.  Wouldn’t this skinny booklet be great for lists – dream lists, gratitude lists or even just to sketch out your ideas before you lose them? I wanted to try out my new sewing machine Mr. G gave me for Christmas – this is the first project i did with it!



With a zigzag stitch sew collage onto a scrap piece of paper


Place your collage onto a piece of cardstock which has been painted – i used an 8 1/2 x 11 piece which i scrap painted.


Sew your collage onto cardstock – i used a straight stitch this time.


Create a signature – i folded several sheets (5) lengthwise for my signature


Create a template for the position of your holes – i made the template the length of the signature. I poked three holes – you can measure them or simply do what i did – eyeball it! Yay!


Place signature inside collage book cover and put template on top. To make it easier to poke the holes place the booklet ontop of a telephone book


With an awl or pushpin using your template as a guide poke holes through the entire book.  Having the book cradled in the gutter of the telephone book makes this part a breeze!


Cut a piece of embroidery floss 3 times the length of your spine. Using an embroidery needle poke through the middle hole making sure to leave about a 6 inch tail on the outside.


Pull the thread on the inside and then go back through the top hole (hole number 1) and out to the front


Poke needle through hole number 3 – (sorry – i didn’t show this part) Here I am showing you that i’ve still got the tail in tact. Now you’re on the inside of the booklet – poke your needle through hole number 2 (middle hole) and go back to the outside where your first tail is patiently waiting for his friend.


Tie the two little tail friends into a knot! They are tying the knot Smile


The little tails – patiently waiting for embellishments


Hooray…………embellishments at last!  String beads, buttons and broken jewellery parts and knot the ends.


At this point look at your booklet and see what it’s calling for – this one wanted a couple more things added – like the stapled bliss word and the glittery flower added.

Now your booklet is ready for you to pour out your inspiration!  Have fun!

Here is a little youtube video for those of you who like a moving visual view Smile

Collage booklet video

Print ready art tutorial

Skulleigh asked me how i get my art ready to send off (via e-mail) to my printer. Even though i’m not the greatest at technical writing and explanations i will give it a go….just for you Skulleigh and anyone else who may have been curious!

First of all i scan in my image into my photoshop program at 300 dpi. Then i crop it to the size i want.  Now since i want to be able to have it fit in a 4 1/4 x 5 1/4 inch envelope i make my image 4 x 5 however the original is 8 x 10 so that it can be reduced  to a 4 x 5 size.  The reason for this is if you print it on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper you always have 1/8 of an inch which gets cut off all around the edges. So whenever i do anything (including my prints) i make them 8 x 10. Because i’m pretty dyslexic it took me a LONG time to wrap my head around it :). 

I created this word on a separate piece of paper, scanned it in and then with my magic wand tool and some fancy footwork (you’ll have to google this) i elimated the background and pulled it over onto the image of my angel and positioned it just so!

Looking good but it’s still not a card is it?

The next thing i did was clip a rose from a duplicate of the image so i could use it on the back of my card.  Then i opened a new page 5 x 8, dragged in my angel image and then added the tiny rose.  Under the rose i typed in my website address – flattened everything.  Now ordinarily i would put two up on a page but lately my printer has been printing cards on a larger sheet of paper so i just send this copy to them and have them arrange it on their page as best they can.  In the old days i used to receive the printed pages as is and then i would cut and score them myself.  I was terrible at cutting so now i have the printer cut and score the cards for me.

This is where the fun starts…….now you get to glitter your cards and mail them to your friends and family – if you want you can embellish the envelopes like i did on yesterday’s post.

Check out this wonderful  interview with Jennifer Lee at Louise Gale’s blog .  Jennifer Lee has a book coming out in mid- february called The Right Brain Business Plan: A Creative Visual Map for Success. I believe my business plan project will be appearing in Jennifer’s book.

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