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Notes to Myself: Art inspiration

Hi all!  As my #60in60 challenge continues I have a few more images to add – you can read about the challenge i started around turning 60 in 60 days here.


Here is the first image I created. Before doing the drawing I ask myself what do i most need to hear today?  What will my 60 year old self like to focus on? Part of my challenge is living in the past too much or living fearfully in the future.  This little drawing reminds me to live in the NOW – like a book i once received written by Ram Das called Be Here Now.

I put the little spider in the cartoon as a toy spider leapt off of a sculpture on the wall while i was drawing. I assumed it wanted to be a part of the picture – that of course sent me on another sideways diversion searching for the symbolic meaning of spiders Smile. Interesting stuff!


When i woke up this morning I asked Spirit what is it I need to hear most today and this is what i got “feel the Fear and do it anyway”. Many of us including me are fearful of numerous things.  Some of my fears are of stepping forward, learning new technology, looking stupid, missing out, messing up and not living up to my purpose.

What are some of your fears and what tiny movement can you take to move towards your fears? Please let me know in the comments!

Love, Violette xo

21 Secrets LIVE spreecast today!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Today is the 21 Secrets LIVE spreecast and I’m the guest artist for this week.  Hooray!spreecast

One of my challenges is technology. The thing is everything is changing so quickly in the world that it’s hard to keep up.  I think it’s easier for young people to keep up but it certainly is not impossible for more mature people – *ahem to get the hang of things.

So here i am in the above photo this morning with a goofy pair of headsets on trying to get the sound and lighting down right before the show this afternoon.  You see the window lets too much light in so I had to  put up a sarong on the window – too much light means washed out face.  I have a fear of messing up so hope all goes well.  I had Mr. G help me last night with the headset and he was having difficulty connecting the speakers and getting the sound right.  He was pretty frustrated which made me worried since he’s a techie guy Smile

I think we got it right……… fingers crossed! 

I’m assembling all of my supplies and books so they can be accessed easily during the spreecast – I’m upstairs and my supplies are downstairs so it’s a bit of a schlepp if i forget something.

Because I have difficulty talking and drawing I’ll be sketching out some ideas so i can ink them in on camera.

There is so much stuff, ideas and life stories that i want to share – I’m sure I won’t get to all of them! 

I thought I would share my story here to demonstrate that it’s good to “feel the fear and do it anyway” in life.  You stay stuck if you let things like technology or not knowing how to do something prevent you from accessing your dreams!

See you later alligator!

Love, Violette xo