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May Contest Giveaway


It’s about time i had another contest don’t you think? So for the May Contest Giveaway I am offering up 4 “thank you Top hat girl” greeting cards as well as the pendant Cupcake Girl


Isn’t she sweet? – she can be a little talisman that you were daily to remind yourself to follow your bliss!


On the back of the pendant it says “Follow your bliss” – just in case you forget!

To enter to win these goodies simply leave me a message in the comment section letting me know what you’d like to see in my next youtube video!  Thank you and good luck!  Contest ends at midnight on Wednesday May 23rd (PST).

“Got Teens?” Workshop

My friend and co-facilitator for the Teens Art Journaling Workshops – Susi Vasseur will be hosting a workshop series called “Got Teens” – it’s all about Navigating the Teen Years.

Join other like-minded proactive parents to discover:
• New ways to connect with your teen
• How to feel empowered as you elevate your parenting skills
• How to enjoy those important formative years
• The benefits of sharing ideas and solutions with others

It starts May 28th – if you live in the Lower Mainland you might like to attend Susi’s workshop! Click on the above link to find out more and sign up.


Where’s Violette?

On May 26th at 2 pm I’ll be demonstrating Art Journaling at Opus Art Supplies in Langley It’s free – you’ll see me lettering, creating colourful backgrounds, collaging as well as incorporating photos onto the journaling pages.

On June 1 and 2nd I will have a booth at the B.C. Home School Convention at the TRADEX in Abbotsford, B.C. I’ll be selling my Teens Dream Journal DVD as well as some pendants, cards and bookmarks.  I’ll be chatting about art journaling as well!  Come out and see me if you can. There will be lots of booths there as well as some awesome speakers.  I’d love to meet you.


Ready, Fire, Aim

this is a little broken wing….a failed experiment in wing making 🙂 It sort of looks like Icarus’ wings when he flew too close to the sun eh?

I made some bookmarks from the collages i created….and also created hangtags of angels.  I didn’t think about how much i’d charge for each one (i was thinking 25 cents each)……well i had the printer print them and cut them out for me (which cost quite a bit – one dollar per cut) and now i’m hardly making anything on the hangtags….doh…..ready, fire, aim.  Next time i’ll adjust that :).

The colour coded calendar i created for the three days before the Studio Open house

On a piece of paper i created a three day calendar so i wouldn’t go crazy trying to fit everything in and so i could see at a glance what needed doing.  Because i’m so visual those teeny black daytimer books just wouldn’t cut it for me.  So i colour coded the tasks, red for eating, green for running errands/picking up stuff, pink for creating art and glittering 🙂 , orange for creating posters/mailing invites/setting up event page on facebook, purple for cleaning house etc. Of course i’ve been adjusting things along the way.  I would love to know what do you do – what method do you use when you are under the gun and have a myriad of things to do?  Do you make lists, have a colour coded system, enlist all of your friends to help?  What works for you. Please share in the comments!

My apologies if you came to my blog today under false pretenses!  I told you you had to come back to see the happy little blogs to see what i created from them? Well they aren’t done yet.  Also i have given up on the idea of making xmas tree ornaments….oh well……ready fire aim.  In case you are wondering Ready, Aim, Fire is a marketing term…..but often we are paralysed to do anything because we feel like we don’t have enough information, it’s not good enough, we’re not talented enough…….yadda yadda yadda.  So what you do is you shoot and then adjust along the way :). So what if it doesn’t all get done 🙂

I’m beginning to think i’m abusing my smiley face priviledges 🙂

Please check out Kate Harper’s blog – she had a call out for Christmas card designs so i sent my angel card in and it was one of 14 cards chosen based on “interesting design challenges, emotional response, and marketability”.  Thank you Kate for the opportunity to share my design with you and your readers!  While you are at Kate’s site browse around……she has some wonderful posts there, interesting interviews……lots of inspiration and sage advice  for artists.

I hope to see you at my studio tour tomorrow and Sunday!

Have a wonderfully magical weekend.

Make it so 🙂

Love, Violette xo

Vlog 3 – Contest Giveaway

Here is the swag i’ll be giving away this week – lots of fun stuff to win – postcards, greeting cards, magnets and print of my art journal pages – 4 designs in all! YAY!! I’ll be having the draw on friday. Please leave a message letting me know what inspires you to be entered into the draw. Thanks! xo I apologize for the poor quality of this video…..not sure what is wrong with this program.

Please click on the button on the righthand side bar called “free downloads” for some goodies that i have offered in the past….now you’ll find them in one spot!!

Junk Journals

Kashi never looked so good eh?

You know how you accumulate so much junk that you haven’t got a clue what to do with it?  Well you can turn some of that junk into JUNK JOURNALS!!!!!  As you can see i turned a Kashi cereal box into a small journal with signatures of assorted papers – i even used some old calendar pages inside, as well as painted papers, graph paper and coloured paper.  As you can see this particular packaging had a pretty cool cut out with cellophane over it – the perfect spot to feature “Sammy” my grandson in!  I simply slipped the photo behind the niche and taped it down.  This journal in particular will be housing all things/people that i love.  For example there will be pics of my kids, their partners, Mr. G, parents, lists of stuff i love, quotations, recipes (quinoa salad will be there), drawings and magazine clippings of things i would love to manifest.  I squashed a few bottle caps with a hammer and glued gems to them – then i hot glued the bottlecaps to the journal for a fun little edgy embellishment.  What prompted this you say?  Well i’m glad you asked.  I’ll be teaching Junk Journals to a couple of groups of Mom’s this afternoon at Camp Alex Neighbourhood house  and needed a sample to show them exactly what they can do.  I’ll also be suggesting that they can make mini journals with old greeting cards. Mom’s will be enjoying some crafting time with me while their kids are off being creative and having fun in another part of the Camp.  We’re going to have such fun!

Well i’m off to gather my supplies and embellish my book a bit more before the session.  Hopefully i’ll see you tomorrow with bells on! xo