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Junk Journals

Kashi never looked so good eh?

You know how you accumulate so much junk that you haven’t got a clue what to do with it?  Well you can turn some of that junk into JUNK JOURNALS!!!!!  As you can see i turned a Kashi cereal box into a small journal with signatures of assorted papers – i even used some old calendar pages inside, as well as painted papers, graph paper and coloured paper.  As you can see this particular packaging had a pretty cool cut out with cellophane over it – the perfect spot to feature “Sammy” my grandson in!  I simply slipped the photo behind the niche and taped it down.  This journal in particular will be housing all things/people that i love.  For example there will be pics of my kids, their partners, Mr. G, parents, lists of stuff i love, quotations, recipes (quinoa salad will be there), drawings and magazine clippings of things i would love to manifest.  I squashed a few bottle caps with a hammer and glued gems to them – then i hot glued the bottlecaps to the journal for a fun little edgy embellishment.  What prompted this you say?  Well i’m glad you asked.  I’ll be teaching Junk Journals to a couple of groups of Mom’s this afternoon at Camp Alex Neighbourhood house  and needed a sample to show them exactly what they can do.  I’ll also be suggesting that they can make mini journals with old greeting cards. Mom’s will be enjoying some crafting time with me while their kids are off being creative and having fun in another part of the Camp.  We’re going to have such fun!

Well i’m off to gather my supplies and embellish my book a bit more before the session.  Hopefully i’ll see you tomorrow with bells on! xo