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Interview on Willowing’s Blog! Tea and Cake with Gracie




Hello friends!  Longtime no hear!  So sorry i have not blogged for what seems like forever.  You may wonder where i have been. Well we moved from the magic cottage to beautiful Sechelt. It had been one of my dreams to move to the Sunshine Coast and now finally we have.  I am totally in love with it here – the nature, peace, slower pace of life, less crime …..i could go on and on. It’s been good for my soul. Mr. G has been busy building shelves, erecting a shed and doing tons of other things (with wood) in our new home!


In the meantime i have been making art, putting on a workshop here in Sechelt, making new friends and commuting back and forth to the mainland via a ferry to visit family.


So what’s new?  I was interviewed by Gracie from Willowing and Friends – my first interview in a while.  If you’d like to read a bit more about what i’ve been up to please go here. 



I’ve created a special video just for the interview – a how to create a quirky caricature too!  You’ll have a high resolution image of my art to download and the opportunity to enter to win some swag. Please watch the video and enter the contest here.  Thank you so much Gracie for interviewing me and thank you Tamara for having me on your blog. I appreciate it!

I would love to know what you would like to see me blog about – just leave me a comment.  Thank you so much.

Love, Violette

Rescue book Portfolio, playing with glitter and an interview!

Rescue book portfolio by Diana Trout

Here is a great little video by Diana Trout on making a portfolio with a rescued book.  Diana gives you clear and concise instructions so you can create a great place to store all of your loose journal pages!  Diana is gearing up to teach some workshops so if you are interested in learning some of her techniques then check out her website for dates and times!

Many thanks to Cendrine Marrouat for interviewing me (the first instalment) on Thank you so much Cendrine! You might find out a few new things in this interview!


Been having fun mod poding and glittering for the Teens Self-Esteem Journal DVD! 


Well that’s it for today – i need to get busy and get some work done.

See you tomorrow!


An interview and a freak flag flipchart presentation!


I’m getting ready for my presentation at the Women and Words Conference on Friday.  Since i don’t have audio visual equipment and I’m a visual person I’m doing the next best thing – I am using a flipchart instead of having a PowerPoint presentation.  Here are a series of Sticky notes I am using to organize my thoughts for the presentation. From here I’ll be transferring the points onto the flipchart including doodles and images i feel are appropriate. Right now I am waiting for inspiration to see where i should go next on this! Smile Note to self: must remember to bring Freak Flag as a prop!

Interview with Kym

My friend Kym kindly interviewed me over on her blog!  She is a wonderful interviewer – she managed to ask some questions i had not been asked before so it was fun for me to come up with the answers!  Thank you Kym.  I hope you check out the interview and while you are there go and see what Kym is up to.  She is always stretching herself to try new things and experiment with different supplies and techniques! She’s encouraged me to play with Pilot V-ball pens – just bought them yesterday and can’t wait to try them out!

Well that’s it for today – have lots to do for the conference!

Ciao for now!


Five Days of Frogs: Day 4 – doodle

I have always been a huge Kermit the Frog fan (well – Jim Henson fan actually) so decided to go with one of kermit’s songs – It’s not easy being green. I had thought about using the song “Jeremiah was a bullfrog…..” but then decided to go with Kermit instead since I LOVE him so much. I could have googled “Quotes with frogs in them”…….and i’m sure I would have come up with tons of quotations to fashion a page around. Do you see how easy it is to make a page around one idea? There are so many possibilities! Enough with the talking and on with the tutorial!

I tried to use the positive image of my stencil and paint around it rather unsuccessfully I might add – the twinkling H2O colours seeped under the frog – it would be better to use acrylic paints for this step however since I knew I was going to do lots of doodling the watercolour background is a better option.

Step 1: using the positive image of the frog I painted around the image with watercolour paints (twinkling H2O’s).

Step 2: Trace your frog onto another piece of cardstock, ink it in and the colour in with watercolour pencil crayons.

Step 3: Activate the colours by adding water to them – this heightens the colours.

Step 4: I went over the outline with a sharpie pen so that I could more easily cut out the frog.

Step 5: On your painted background begin doodling designs and writing words which appeal to you and make you happy :). I used Micron pens for this step.

Step 6: Add foam tape to the back of the frog to add dimension.

Step 7: Add your frog to your page and voila! You’re done!

I plan on sewing this page into a handmade book but will most likely reinforce the frogs leg so it won’t bend too much. The shimmery-ness of the twinkling H2O’s doesn’t allow you see how bright the black is on the page. Trust me – it looks better in real life!

Interview tonite with Tina Ferguson!


I’ll be interviewed tonite by Tina Ferguson – Intuitive Life with The Queen of Dreams at 6 pm PST . Please join me – you can call in or listen later if you’re not able to tune in! It should be a fun chat – you just never know what Tina will be asking me.

Leaping Frog Stencil tutorial

I thought i would share with you another fun way to add dimension and variety to your art journal pages by creating a stencil!

Find the image that you like on google image search (i used the words “leaping frog”), save it and bring into photoshop (or any photo editing program) and adjust the size.  Print it out in grayscale.

Place a piece of graphite or carbon paper underneath your image and on top of your piece of cardstock and begin tracing over the design.

You now have a lovely image transfered onto cardstock

With an exacto knife carefully begin cutting out your design.  I say carefully because some little bunny got bored and sliced off part of the design.  But don’t worry – all was not lost since a piece of scotch tape saved the day!

Voila!!!!!!  Hooray!  You now have a positive and negative frog image! Now don’t be too quick to throw either piece out – you’ll be wanting to save both so you can create some fun mixed media and art journaling pages.

As many of you know i’m crazy about crows (they are my totem) so i created a crow stencil.  You can find this stencil in my book Journal Bliss. What i did here was use both the positive and negative image….in crow number one i used the cut out crow, carefully taped him onto my page and with a sponge brush applied paint by pulling it away from the crow stencil.  In crow number 2 i placed the image of the page with the negative cutout and then applied paint on the inside by pouncing a paper towel soaked with paint (you can use a sponge too).

The Five Days of Frogs

Starting on Monday i’m challenging myself to create a page a day using the frog stencil – both positive and negative images in a variety of ways.  I’m going to call it “The Five days of Frogs”. You are welcome to play along with me using any stencil you desire – you can post links to your images in the comments section so we can check them out.

How i came up with the frog stencil idea

Now some of you out in blogland might be interested to know where i got the idea to create a frog stencil…..i’m glad you wondered because i’m always wondering “Gee……i wonder where they came up with that idea?  What is the genesis of the piece of art?” So yesterday i’m walking at my local park and for the past several weeks i’ve been checking to see if the frogs have emerged from their murky hibernation in the mud. No frogs……how disappointing. But yesterday as i approached the pond a frog made a squeaking noise and jumped into the pond!  I was so delighted…….and then another frog jumped and another.  So i thought to myself “Hey, i should create a leaping frog stencil and create some journal pages with it.  It’s a wy of honouring the frogs that i love so much!”  So that’s how it all came to be!

Contest – still have time to enter!

You still have until monday to enter the contest for a book and online class.  Make sure you HOP on over to Wendy’s Craft Dinner to post your comment and here too! While you are over at Craft Dinner please check out the interview that Wendy has posted! Thank you Wendy for taking the time to interview.  I have really enjoyed getting to know you better the past couple of weeks!  It’s so neat to meet another kindred spirit.

Happy Weekend everyone!  Have fun with your loved ones.

Love, Violette xo