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Words of the year: Idea Magic


While taking Jamie Ridler’s online workshop Design your Year: 2015  i came up with this magazine clipping and the word/s for the year were “Idea Magic”.  Thanks Jamie for a fun interactive class (i missed the live interactive part but was able to see what was going on in the live chat). While everyone has been coming up with their words of the year – or word of the year I am always resistant.  But through Jamie’s gentle guidance i was able to magically deliciously find these two words Idea Magic. Well they actually found me :). In case you don’t know Jamie she’s the queen of Collage and a sparkling creative mentor adept at helping people get unstuck! Jamie has an inspiring podcast you might want to check out as well.

I’m excited where this clipping (which is still whispering which direction i should be going in) will take me. It’s all a never ending process.

Happy Birthday to my Stepdad Reinhard – he celebrates his birthday today!  Also a very happy birthday to my first born grandson Sam – he’s 5 now. Next week is my son Ryan’s birthday!  We have about 10 family birthday’s in January – it’s a super busy month! We’ll be celebrating a bunch of birthdays tomorrow at a gathering at my son and daughter-in-laws home.  Should be fun.

I hope you enjoy the weekend as well.

Love, Violette xo

What’s Moo with you? I got my moo cards!


Yay!!!!  My Moo cards came yesterday – biz cards and mini moos!  I love them.  The mini’s came in a box with cute tabs on the back where you can store your mini’s along with ones you pick up from other artists/vendors.


The business moos – you’ll probably recognize some of my journal pages and other mixed media pages.


The Mini moos……….sweet eh?


And of course i made the illustration of my crones into a moo card – i just love the smaller version of things don’t you?


Just to give you an idea of the scale of the mini moos i thought i would throw a picture in of one (trust your vibes) with my trolls (any excuse to showcase my trolls Smile)

The thing i love about moo cards is you can use numerous images rather than just have to pick one design. It’s a nice way to showcase your work too!  I’ll bet some folks collect them just as art pieces.  You could put the moo biz cards in a shadow box.  You can use the mini moos as hangtags for your artful products or even turn them into gift tags. You can go to the moo site to get some more ideas for your cards! 

I'm the Best

Jamie Ridler is celebrating her second year Podaversary this year so hop on over and have a listen as Jamie herself is interviewed by Shannon (her sister and editor).  In this episode Jamie answers listeners questions.  You find out what Jamie keeps in her “Encouragement box” and what she does when she gets down. She’s truly amazing.

Jamie interviewed me this past year – it was such an honour.  If you want to be creatively inspired have a listen to some of the past podcasts on Creative Living with Jamie. Jamie is such a special soul destined to help creative spirits and share her sparkly gifts with the world. Congratulations Jamie!  You ROCK!!!


Drawing your Dreams for clarity


Last week i had a dream about a monster trashing my house.  He had entered every room and left dirty footprints, tossed and turned things about and generally wreaked havoc. My daughter and i found the monster asleep in my bed.  He looked a bit like the monster in Where the Wild things are. So we ran outside with the phone so we could call the police.  I kept dialling or trying to dial 911 but instead kept dialling 411  which is the number for information where i live.  I just kept getting a dial tone.  I felt scared and frustrated. At the same time a man had come to the door with a box of colourful buttons.  He said he was looking for buttons but i said “Those aren’t buttons, those are drugs… are looking for drugs and NO – I don’t sell drugs here!”  In the meantime the monster had come down the stairs and was MUCH smaller and less frightening than i had originally thought he was.

Remembering dreams

I pretty much know what this dream is about – and i think many of you probably can relate.  It’s about fear and being afraid to step forwards towards my dreams.  We gather more and more information, more books, more classes, more, more, more because we are afraid to step forward. It was interesting to note that the monster was much smaller and less fearful than I had originally thought. The next time you want some resolution to a problem tell yourself three times before falling asleep, “I will remember my dreams, I will remember my dreams.  I will remember my dreams”

Write them down

When you awaken write down what you remember right away. And better yet draw your dream like i did here.  The very act of drawing it can lend some clarity to the meaning of the dream.  The drawing here is quite messy but it has a certain energy to it which a finished drawing might not be able to capture.

Thank you to Tina Ferguson  and Jamie Ridler for help in deciphering my dream! I usually am able to figure out my dreams but sometimes it’s helpful to run it by someone else to see if you’ve missed anything!

I’m so excited to tell you that i was interviewed (video) by Natasha of Creative Nachos for her Storyteller’s Village.  It’s a playground Natasha created for artists and writers to help motivate them to complete works. It’s a space for creative sharing, support, motivation and creative exercise! You might recall i interviewed Natasha a while back.  She is such a bright spark and a lovely spirit too!


It’s been raining here almost non-stop and so this morning when the sun came out – i was so thrilled i had to take a picture of the archway Mr. G created and the magnolia tree!


Hooray – the sun has kissed the Creative Juice sign!  The sign is outside my studio – you can see a video of my studio here!

See you tomorrow!


Link Love!


Today I’m focusing on spreading the Linky love!

How can we not be inspired these days?  The world of inspiration and creativity is literally at our fingertips!  No longer do we have to trundle off to the library for inspiration or to learn something new – there is real value in that though – which reminds me – I’m overdue for a trip to the library. Nothing can quite replace the smell of a book, the flippy noises as you turn the pages.  There are serendipitous things that happen at the library too – like a “just perfect book” falling off the shelf at your feet with a profound message for you……..but as usual i digress!

This morning i started out watching Laura Hollick’s Creative Revolutionary videos – in particular the video with Tad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies. Tad has a great take on “following your bliss”.  I really enjoyed his video – it’s rather long however it’s worth watching if you want to pursue your passion and stay true to who you are!  While you’re over at Laura Hollick’s virtual paradise do check out Jamie Riddler’s video too.  Jamie has inspired many folks to live more creative lives! If you click on the link you’ll be taken to a wonderful article on “finding your voice”.  

Over at Create Mixed Media Christen Olivarez (director of Publishing for Stampington and Company) shares some wonderful tips on getting published!

Sakura has a wonderful product giveaway there too!

Rice Freeman Zachary’s inspirational podcasts can be found there too – recently Rice interviewed Teesha Moore.  Teesha is the founder of Artfest and an amazing Art Journaler! If you scroll down the page you will notice podcasts with Suzi Blu, Sue Bleiweiss of the Sketchbook Challenge, Kat O’Sullivan, Carla Sonheim, Katie Kendrick and more!

Check out this beautiful painted Worktable on Flickr It might inspire you to do something similar!

Here is a Glitter Letter Banner tutorail by Rice Freeman Zachary

I am inspired by Alisa Burke’s gorgeous journal pages of Oregon Beachcombing. Did you know that Alisa has a book coming out called Sew Wild? I’m sure it will be terrific!

I am inspired by my friend Kym (who i went on the Artist’s date with). When we were on our artist’s date Kym bought a book on monkeys.  Why i wondered?  Because she loves monkeys and wants to draw them! If you click on the link you’ll be taken to Kym’s monkey page where she is experimenting drawing monkeys – her pages are beautiful.   Kym followed the breadcrumbs of her “joy” and “loves” and just did it!  How many of us get inklings of what we love to do but don’t follow those inner urges? You just never know where the breadcrumbs might lead you to!

Well that’s it for today – my fingers are tired of walking around the net……they are tired but inspired Smile!

See you tomorrow!


The Path with Heart

“Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: does this path have a heart? If it does then the path is good.  If it doesn’t, then it is of no use.”

– Carlos Castaneda


A vision card on self-esteem and doing what you love.  It’s interesting to see what shows up on the page – note the paintbrushes. The desert plate is more symbolic of life’s offerings.


Two vision cards “building dreams” and “Live your Dream”. There is definitely a common theme happening here.  I love the magical process of creating vision cards and Dream boards – especially if you simply let go and are guided by your intuition.  For example i have to ask myself – why was i riveted by the mundane image of the shopping cart? 

These are the vision cards i created for Jamie Ridler’s wishBIG ecamp class on Creating Vision cards.  I had fun creating these cards using Jamie’s meditation and step by step instructions.  Jamie has a wonderful way of eliciting the best in you as well as unearthing !  And speaking of Jamie – a few weeks ago she interviewed me on her Creative Living podcast – you can find out more  and  listen to the interview here. I had a menopausal moment when Jamie asked me the name of my class for the wishBIG ecamp and for the life of me i could not remember!  Doh! 

I'm the Best

Now if i can figure out how to put this badge in the righthand sidebar I will!  Thank you so much Jamie for having me on your show!

I want to give you the heads up about Jamie’s newest class, a creative e-course called Sparkles – it sounds like such fun! Jamie has enlisted many creative spirits to be a part of this e-course.

Back to the vision cards – I plan on laminating my cards and putting one or two of them on an easel so that i can put my intention out into the universe more easily.  Vision cards and vision boards really do help you to visualize your dreams and help you keep on track.

What are you visualizing today?  Are you visualizing doing something which has heart?  I often ask myself – does this path have heart?  Like Carlos Castaneda whose teacher Don Juan imparted his wisdom of finding a “path with heart” I too am always looking for the path with heart.

How about you? What is your path?

See you tomorrow!


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