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Violette Clark intro video

Violette introduction Video

Hello everyone!  I finally did it – i finally created an intro video introducing myself.  It’s something i should have created a very long time ago – it’s much more difficult to do than creating an art video which is about the art and not you so much. I hung on to the video for 3 weeks before releasing it into the world as my inner critic was having a heyday!  It was pretty vicious saying such things as:

“your smile is crooked – you talk out of the corner of your mouth!”

“you’re old….give it up!”

“your teeth are crooked”

“you blather on too much – who’s going to care what you have to say?”

“check out the porridge you left out on the stove….idiot!”

and the critic went on and on until i was metaphorically huddled in a corner in the fetal position.

So I went out and bought this t-shirt on special which allows me to be “perfectly imperfect”.



I figure better done than not done at all right? So i released the video into the world.  And i received some lovely and kind feedback on Facebook which was awesome!  Thank you dear sweet souls!

For those of you who are not on Facebook I have shared a bit about my health journey – my health was pretty terrible last year…..culminating in a diverticulosis diagnois (as well as a number of other things).  I had a big attack which almost landed me in the ER so i decided to make a few lifestyle changes. The changes included walking every day, adding meditation and cutting down on my wine consumption as well as monitoring my food choices. As a result i feel more peaceful, have lost 5 pounds which i had wanted to lose for some time and have not had the terrible pain i had been experiencing.

So it’s onward and upwards for me.  What are you adding/taking out of your life to live the life your truly want?

Love, Violette xo


Art Journal Prompt: Pumpkins or produce


Here are a multitude of cherry tomatoes searching for the sun on the windowsill.  Aren’t they lovable? Smile In case you’re wondering they have ditched the bananas.


These are my leopard print boots next to an array of 2 dollar pumpkins!  I can imagine printing this off and pasting it onto a page that has been painted and adding a bit of journaling to it – can you? Or you could be inspired by the pumpkins and draw your own in an art journal page and either journal about your experience with the pumpkins OR as Teesha Moore does by creating a page with collaged art on it and then randomly writing about other subjects. Teesha usually creates her pages ahead of time in the studio and then often goes to coffee shops to do the writing/journaling.  Everyone has a different way of doing it! It’s all good!


Kevin (Mr. G’s son), Emily (his girlfriend) and Leium hunting for the perfect pumpkin at a pumpkin patch in Richmond.


A row of jaunty pumpkins!


Leium – Mr. G’s grandson at the pumpkin farm – he’s 5 years old.  Check out the hilarious smirk.  I went with Mr. G’s son and his girlfriend to pick out the perfect pumpkin. What a fun mucky time we had after a big rain trudging through mucky fields in our gumboots! 

Copy of happy halloween copy1

This is Leium at the pumpkin farm with his Dad (Mr. G’s son Kevin) at age 15 months. Mr. G’s daughter created this montage in Photoshop – it would be cool if you could create your own, print it out and incorporate something like this onto a Halloween themed art journal page.


I gave myself the challenge quite a while back to use a fruit or vegetable to demonstrate how i was feeling after another rejection. Doesn’t the banana look dejected?  You can watch the video here on how i created this page.   I think using a vegetable or fruit as a jumping off point for your journal page is fun – you can go off in many directions with it.  Years ago when i appeared in Rice Freeman Zachary’s book Living the Creative Life i created a journal page using a pumpkin to describe myself – it was a great experience.  I gave myself the challenge to use the pumpkin as a metaphor for myself – soft and mushy inside, pretty and colourful on the outside.

I hope you are inspired by this post and create your own produce inspired page.  Let me know in the comments section here if you have done that before or if you will do it now!

Love, Violette xo

Lovely Internet friends and Sun tea


This wee chair was given to me by a dear sweet teen in the Netherlands named Gracia.  She said she was inspired by my art and videos and wanted to give me a “violette – inspired” painted doll chair.  Isn’t it the sweetest?  You can check out Gracia’s youtube channel here. Gracia would most likely be THRILLED if you left her a message too!  We met on youtube – Gracia messaged me a few times, i sent her some prints and wee bits of my art.  I am forever in awe of how the internet has brought people together from across the world.  As you can see Gracia created an envelope from a printed paper, wrote a lovely letter and sent some whimsical stamps that i can use in my art journal.  How sweet!  Thank you Gracia!

I have either lost or misplaced my digital camera so have to resort to using my i-phone for taking photos!  The above picture is an instagram photo.


Yesterday the sun was out and so i was really EXCITED – I decided to make some Sun Tea – with mint from the garden. I used two tea bags and two sprigs of mint. It would probably be a better idea to use a wider mouth jar the next time around – getting the bags and mint out of the glass flask will be a challenge Winking smile.


I got the idea to make sun tea from my dear friend Tracy Dove. She’s created several funky colouring books.   The above illustration comes from one of Tracy’s book called “In the Kitchen”. Now here is a little story about the power of the internet.  Years ago – i can’t even remember how many – maybe 7 or 8 – I read a story about a wonderful Hippie artist written by the talented Kathy Murillo Kano aka Crafty Chica.  After reading the article I thought to myself that Tracy and I were kindred spirits.  So i shot her an e-mail and we connected.  Tracy suggested we exchange a piece of art or two and we did.  Tracy lives in Arizona and i live in B.C. Canada – quite a long distance from each other.  Despite the geographical distance our friendship blossomed – i wrote about Tracy in Rice Freeman Zachary’s book Living the Creative Life. Tracy has experienced a number of different health crises and still would send very hopeful and uplifting letters and drawings to me. She was a HUGE inspiration to me and still is. 

Three years ago I actually met Tracy Dove in person at Arcosanti in Arizona – Mr. G and I met both Tracy and her sweet husband Ralph in one of the most beautiful places in Arizona!  We bought some windbells to remember our visit.  Whenever the wind blows I can hear the gentle tinkling of the bells and i remember the amazing visit we had with Tracy and Ralph.

On Monday (it’s a holiday here) but I’ll still be blogging – i’m giving myself a 30 Day Challenge and hope you will join me!

Happy Weekend!


I’ve got your back!?


I’ve got your back?  What the heck?


I’ve got your back – lists of how I’ve got your back!


The pea that irritates your back – what irritates you?

The Idea factory

Do you ever wonder what to write or draw about?  Do you ever come up dry when you are looking for an idea to art journal? I know that i sure have.  Now on the flipside – are you ever kept awake at night because your mind is going a mile a minute with ideas?  Do you find yourself in the shower with a light bulb moment or when you are driving the car? I can answer yes to those questions too!  Can you? 

The trick is to be able to capture those fleeting ideas when they hit you – you can now use i-phones to record your voice – you can leave yourself an “idea message” or use a voice activated digital recorder.  My favourite way to capture ideas is very low tech – a notebook and a pen.  In fact i created a book called the Idea Factory (i made a video on it).  In the book i would capture my ideas with a quick sketch and a few words.  If the truth be known though i have several books where i capture my ideas and a kajillion pieces of loose papers.  Lately I’ve been putting the loose papers in file folders in colourful hanging files – so far so good! Smile 

A Simple saying can generate ideas

A few months ago i heard someone say “She told me she’s got my back!  Isn’t that awesome???” And i thought “What the heck???  She actually caught your back?” But i didn’t say anything because i didn’t want to look stupid. I am often several months behind everyone in the new sayings department!  So my first image is what i immediately thought of.  This morning while coming up with ideas for my blog i thought of that saying and how i could leverage one wee comment to come up with a few art ideas. Well as you can see i was on a roll!  And that was just the beginning. 

You could simply use the words in an art journal page and then list the ways you’ve got someone’s back or they’ve got yours. You could use a fairy tale to illustrate the saying as in the Princess and the Pea – now that one could be tons of fun eh? You could also make some of these ideas into greeting cards, how about a mini quilt using those words?

Horrifying Clichés


This illustration appeared in Rice Freeman Zachary’s book Living the Creative Life – it was inspired by the Mad Magazines Horrifying Clichés.  If you are old enough to remember Mad magazine and were a fan like me you’d remember these fun images.  Now you can use some of these ideas to generate art and art journal pages.  Find a saying you like and turn it into  something fun!

Now go and do it!

You can still enter my contest here!


One Fish two Fish!


I’m in charge of creating decorations for a “double 65th birthday party” for friends this coming weekend. Since both of our friends are Pisces i decided a sea-fishy theme would be just the ticket.  So i made some painted papers, cut them out into fish and starfish shapes and collaged them onto paper.  I photocopied them but oh my goodness……..i had a kajillion fish and starfish to cut out and glitter.  I don’t like repetitive tasks……What’s a girl to do?


So i enlisted the help of the grandkids of one of the Pisces birthday people! Here is Talia, Chenoa and Torren.  Some of you may recall that i tutored Talia in art for 2 years and posted our projects on my blog (a few years ago). Gathering the kids together to help me out cutting, glittering and adding ribbons to the decorations was a great idea.  We had a blast and were able to catch up on what’s been happening in each other’s lives.


We used to do all kinds of fun crafts together – here Talia and Chenoa are being creative on the beach – Talia is drawing and Chenoa is making a tie-dyed t-shirt. Talia even appeared in Rice Freeman Zachary’s book Living the Creative Life!


There were fish drying on the living room floor………


There were fish drying on the stairs……..


There were fish drying on the coffee table……….


Fish on the kitchen counter……..


They are all sparkly and ready to adorn the party room!

I’ll be creating a garland with the fish and starfish to swag on the bar.  The smaller fish with the ribbons will be handed out by the girls so that the party goers can write a happy message on the backside for the Birthday couple.  We’ve hole punched the fish so that after the party the fish will be assembled and bundled together with a ring binder to be a keepsake for the couple.

There are so many opportunities to be creative every day. How can you jazz up your day with creativity?

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