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Creating Time and off on an Adventure!

Can you believe it’s already been a year since Marney Makridakis’ book Creating Time has been out?


Marney created this fun image for me!  Thanks!

One year ago, I was honored to be a featured speaker in The Creating Time Mega Event, where thousands of people came together to envision a new perception of “time” in our lives. Now join the one-year anniversary event: a free teleclass on Thursday, April 18 called "Time Tango 2013" to use art and writing to change your relationship with time. Click on the above link to register.  Marney’s teleclasses are always such great fun!

You might remember I created this video about the project and what Creating Time means to me! I really enjoyed making my Buddha Time Guide!

Off on a Grand Adventure!

Soon I’ll be off on an Adventure to San Francisco for a week!  I’ll be connecting with a new friend and we’ll be planning, making art and enjoying yummy food, wine and creating an awesome life transforming online Workshop.  I have not been this excited in such a long time!  Stay tuned for more details.

I’ll most likely not be blogging next week but will post updates on Facebook.  Oh – and speaking of Facebook – i have a business page – I’d like it if you “liked” it Smile.  Thank you so much!

This is HUGE for me since I don’t really like venturing too far away from the magic cottage – but I know this workshop is going to be AMAZING!

See you all in just over a week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Lots of love,

Violette xo

Holly Jolly December Giveaway

Wow – there were 209 entries in my Holly Jolly December Giveaway!


Mr. G put some lights up on the dragonfly on the Magic Cottage the other day.  Doesn’t it look pretty? He put the dragonfly up and i snapped this photo in honour of one of my Glittersister’s – Ninnie who passed away a few days ago from cancer.  We met online years ago after she googled “dragonfly” and found me.  From there a group of ladies met each other on my messageboard – we called ourselves the Glittersisters. We supported each other, had swaps and developed friendships that have endured over the years.  Bless you Ninnie – now that you are free from pain may you be flying around spreading joy with your beloved Dragonflies. xo

Contest Winners!

Okay – back to the contest………I was so amazed by all of your wonderful comments!  Most of you wished for good health for yourself or loved ones. Some wished for the return of family members stationed overseas and some wished for simple things like happy family gatherings.  Some wishes were a bit heartbreaking too.  I do wish i could give a gift to everyone but alas i certainly could not afford that! 

Using the random number generator i came up with two names.  Jeanne Raffesberger and Melissa Rijger!  Congratulations ladies!  Please contact me ASAP and give me your snail mail address so i can mail off the goodies to you!


Some of the Artstretch Students shoes Smile.

Magic Cottage Visit

On Wednesday i had 27 Artstretch students come for a visit to the Magic Cottage along with their teachers and a student teacher. I spoke with the kids aged 10 to 12 about my art and art journey and fielded questions.  Afterwards the kids retired to different areas of the house with their sketchbooks and drew something that inspired them. They were wonderful kids – very enthusiastic, inspired and excited by what they saw.  Because they all had an enduring interest in art it made for a wonderful visit. 

Not all the kids who come through the magic cottage are like that – sometimes teens are nonchalant – especially those who come from affluent families and have adopted their parents values which don’t embrace living in a riot of colour, glitter and funky artsy, small environment…….ha ha ha!

I also had the pleasure of teaching a 13 year old girl yesterday – she came for private lessons and is absolutely delightful!  It’s awesome to meet and interact with such young creative souls!

Mr. G has been off work and is building some wooden toy chests for my two grandson’s Toby and Sam for Christmas.  When he’s done I’ll be painting the chests so will show you the finished pieces.

How’s your Christmas shopping coming along?  I have been so busy that i have not even bought one gift or sent out one Christmas card.  Yikes!

Hope your weekend is full of joy, blessings, good friends and family!

Love, Violette xo

Animation and Storyboards

Hi there!  I decided that I wanted to have a little animated intro for all of my youtube videos. The only problem is that i don’t know how to do animation.  My daughter works at the Vancouver Film School so is in contact with animators.  She said if i created the “assets” (which i found out are the elements or objects in the animation) and made a storyboard then it would be a lot cheaper to hire an animator to do my short 10 or 15 second clip.

girl_dragonfly assets1

Jessica said i should give my character arms that can be moved about by the animator.  I’m sure the motion won’t be fluid but that’s okay. Here’s the dragonfly – i want the dragonfly to fly onto the screen and land on the magic cottage. Smile

house_hill_tree assets1

These are some of the assets in the animation – magic cottage, hill, trees and flowers.


I created this little storyboard (i hope it’s okay) to let the animator know the sequence of events. I also have to find music to use for the clip.  I tend to get pretty overwhelmed with stuff i don’t understand (ADD) and sometimes don’t follow through on my good ideas because of it.  In this case I’ve decided to plunge ahead.  The idea of using cartoons appeals to me as that is one element that sets me apart from many artists out there – i used to create lots of cartoons and still do.  My identity was all wrapped up in being a cartoonist. Also having a magic cottage sets me apart too so why not showcase that?

When you are out in the world of art sometimes you feel like “what’s the use in even trying? There are a million other artists out there!  Does the world need another artist?” Yes!  Of course it does!  The world needs YOU and your special unique input.  No one else is like you! 

So what sets you apart from other artists?  Are you a mixed media artist and knitter extraordinaire?  Or are you a yogi/meditator/teacher/tutor?  How can you incorporate your UNIQUENESS and show up Brilliantly in the world?

I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section!

Love, Violette xo

Go Vancouver shoot at the Magic Cottage!

Yesterday the Magic Cottage looked like the set of a TV show with bright lights, cameras, mics, interviewer, cameraman and interns! The team from “Go Vancouver” were here to do a segment on the Magic Cottage for Dream Homes. Many thanks to the Dream Team for coming out!


Cameraman Gallant ( i adore his name!), reporter Paul McLellan, interns Linn and Kat.

We spent a fun two hours shooting, chatting and having tea.  Paul decided we needed to do a quick video clip outside so out we go with my colourful umbrella.  Wouldn’t you know it – the minute we start shooting it begins to rain like crazy!  The cool thing about the rain and overcast days is that the colours of the trees, art and house are really saturated and juicy!


Notice the totem pole hasn’t totally keeled over yet?


At the end of the segment Paul asks me something about whether or not I’ll be living in the magic cottage forever and i say something to the effect -  “you can create your home wherever you are” or I’ll create the magic cottage wherever i am!  Smile I truly believe this. 

Our small community is growing bigger and bigger – in leaps and bounds so one never knows when there’ll come a knock at the door from a developer stating they want to buy up the property (which is the second house in from a major road) to build a condo or senior’s residence. 

If you get too attached to something it’s difficult to say goodbye to it.  Knowing that you created something special and that it’s YOU who is magic and that magic can be duplicated wherever you go is heartening don’t you think?

This segment will be coming out some time in November so when it does I’ll post the video here for you to see!

Love, Violette xox

Magic Cottage photos

This is the papier mache ladder that Karla was inspired by – she drew it in her art journal. You probably can’t see but there’s a wire coming off of a hand with a papier mache star attached to it – REACH FOR YOUR STAR

Looking at the Buddha head in the birdbath especially if there are birds around makes me happy!

The back of the magic cottage – note the painted didgeridoo attached to the wall?

The kitchen – two doors and some wall art. I think I’ll get rid of the three masks – they don’t feel like ME anymore.

Light fixture found behind a building near a dumpster. I think it was a metal work experiment (from a high school) that was abandoned. It looked pretty butt ugly when i found it.  I envisioned a lamp in it Smile. A friend and i spent 15 hours drilling holes and adding beads with wires to the openings. The light shining through makes the beads sparkle!

Of course the crow sign Mr. G made for me gives me great joy!

This photo cracks me up – we had the timer on the camera and Roelf couldn’t run fast enough to make it in the photo before the camera snapped the shot!

All the above photos were taken by Roelf and Karla.

I still feel like running off and joining the gypsies or a circus……I’m leaning more towards the Gypsies however especially if i can live in one of these Caravans Smile.

See you Friday!

Love Violette xoxo

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