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Colourful Crone Birthday Swag

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all doing well!  We are enveloped in a magical snowy Wonderland!  So beautiful – I’ll post photos on Wednesday.

As promised though on Friday i let you have a sneak peek of what i was working on and here are the results!


My very artsy and colourful friend Debbie who i interviewed here on this blog a while back is turning 60 in a couple of days (we went to school together and so are the same age – I’ll be 60 in a few months). Since Debbie colours her hair in a rainbow of colours i thought it would be appropriate to call her the colourful crone – she’s okay with being called a crone so this was going to be fun!.

Her husband Pete was planning a surprise party and asked if anyone had theme ideas – so naturally i piped up and said “what about the colourful crone”?  He was all for it so i went to town.  As you see above I made a mixed media piece in honour of my friend and turned it into a bunch of fun products – tote bag, devotional candle stickers and notebooks. We even used one of the stickers to brand a bottle of wine for Deb.


The Colourful crone notebooks were swag for the ladies who attended the fun surprise party. And by the way – Debbie was really surprised!


I started off with a mixed media background using my usual scrape painting, old text and collage items – i even incorporated a few pieces of washi tape and a paint chip from our bedroom makeover.


I drew Debbie’s caricature separately as well as the words and super imposed them on the background. Deb was very happy with the results!

tissue_paper flowers

I also thought that we could decorate using HUGE tissue paper flowers and crepe paper.  So I made these three tissue paper flowers – tutorial here to add where the crepe paper streamers all met.

tissue_paper flowers_pattern

This is what the pattern of the petals looked like before i cut the multiple pieces of tissues out. It was very time consuming and fiddly but fun just the same – an exercise in patience – i felt like yelling “DONE!” like my little grandson Toby shouts when he’s finished colouring or eating or playing. But I looked around me and no one was there to pick up the slack Smile so I had to finish myself!

Unfortunately both Mr. G and I forgot to bring our cellphones to the party so didn’t take pictures of the decorations but I know Deb’s brother-in-law did.

One other thing we did was colour strands of our hair with multiple temporary hair dyes to mimic Debbie.  Even Mr. G got in on it and dyed his white beard pink and green!

All in all it was a fun evening. It’s such a joy to be able to use my creativity in all areas of my life! I hope this post gives you some ideas as to what you too can do with your art to leverage it for fun events!

Love, Violette xo

Interview with Quilter and Art Journaler Debbie Humphrey

Hello my friends!  Today I’m delighted to be interviewing my friend Debbie – I have known Debbie since we were in Elementary School – I’m not going to say how long ago that was Smile.  We had lost track of each other for a couple of decades (yes – we’re that old Smile) until one day Debbie was driving along and began following this vehicle……..glittergirl van

Why – it was the Glittergirl van!  Ha ha ha!  On the back of the van I had my website and an inspirational quote.  Debbie took one look at the name “violette” and the funky hippy van and decided that there must be only one Violette who would DO THAT! So When she got home she dashed to her computer and to the website and saw my picture – sure enough I was her childhood friend.  She e-mailed me and we had coffee together.  I was delighted to find that we had much in common – Law of Attraction, Health and Nutrition, Creativity and more.  Needless to say reconnecting has been such a blessing!  Without further ado HEREEEEEEEEEEEEE’SSSSSSSSSS  DEB……..

Debs Studio

     1.  You’re one of the instructors teaching at Into the HeART retreat coming up in September. Tell us a bit about that and what you are teaching. 

Yes I am one of instructors teaching at the fabulous Loon Lake Resort this September. I have always been a fan of art retreats and the Fraser Valley hasn’t had an event bringing talented artists and crafters together in one venue for a long time. I am looking forward to being part of this movement to bring this back. I have been creating with fabric for about 30 years now. Anything from quilts to stuffed creatures and onto clothing. I love teaching others how to take their creativity to the next level and create their own inspired pieces. I have put together a practical carrying bag with an individual flare. My students will each make a completed bag using free motion quilting techniques as well as drawing, doodling, painting and embellishing.

Deb_Langley Studio2 (2)

Deb’s Studio

       2.  You are an expert quilter – or at least you’ve been creating some awesome quilts for quite some time. How have you transitioned from quilting into art journaling or mixed media art?

Over the years I have taken many quilting classes to move from a basic square assembled quilt to a more free spirited art quilt. I am always looking for another technique to add to my quilts be it, paint, sharpie pens, beading or just recently light molding paste. Art supply stores are where I have found more ideas and it’s where I found a whole new level to take my fabric creations. The bag I am teaching at the retreat uses art journaling techniques making it a very personal piece when completed.


Deb’s journal bags

     3.  I can tell that you are really jazzed about the possibilities regarding using your art in your creative projects. What are you experimenting with right now? What new techniques are you delving into?

On a trip to Seattle recently I purchased a Gelli Plate. These were discussed at the last Art Journal Jam and I went straight to YouTube to get some education. I have made my own in the past using plain gelatin but they don’t last past one or two applications. My first attempt was printing on fabric as I saw this as a way to add colour and texture to a quilt piece. I am also going to print on paper for my art journal.

     4.  What would you say is your super power when it comes to being creative? (I’m thinking you are pretty fearless – not afraid to try new things).

I have been told by many as they have watched me walk through life (I never run!) that I don’t ever approach things with an “I can’t do that” attitude. If it looks interesting and I want to give it a try I just go for it. Not with great results all the time but the experience usually leads me to something new and exciting.

     5. What do you do when you are experiencing a creative block? 

Creative blocks are hard. I flounder when I know I want to start or finish something but I can’t seem to get there. I will walk away from my studio for awhile, dive into my other creative side in the kitchen (note from violette – Deb is an awesome chef!) and let it just roll around in my brain until it feels right to give it another try. I have a camera on me everywhere I go (yay IPhone) and I take pictures where I see texture, colour, or combinations of colour that I use to jumpstart a project. I cruise the internet and see what others are doing.

Deb_Freemotion quilting

Deb free-motion quilting

     6.  Have you always been creative? What is your earliest creative memory? (I know you come from a creative family).

I have always wanted to be creative but not always had the confidence in my abilities. It took until my early 20’s to just sit down and start a project and see where it went. My husband built my first studio for me in 1981. Before that it was the kitchen table. Sewing was my passion at that time and stuffed creatures were where I could stretch my creative side. I did sew clothing especially for my kids and also special occasions for others but I liked the funkiness of a large green frog. I have tried to keep a photo journal of creations as the years go by, especially as a lot were given away.

     7.  How do you bring art/creativity into the every day?

I am fortunate to be retired. Although family seems to take up a good portion of my time, I am always thinking about current or future projects. I try to fit in time each day in my studio even if it only to clean up after the last and organize for the next.


Deb’s Art Journal

     8.  What is your advice to someone starting out in Art Journaling or Mixed Media art?

I think the hardest part to art journaling/mixed media is to find your style. I am still striving for what mine will be. It builds in layers, start simple and move on adding more until you feel it works for you. Cruise the internet; see what techniques others are using. Pull bits and pieces together and see if it tells the story you want. There are many great books covering art journaling. Take classes like the art retreat this September where you will be able to choose two different classes and come away with more experience to add to your style. It’s all about layering.

     9.  What does your typical day look like?

Family plays a big part in my life. I am blessed with 3 lovely Grandkids and a day doesn’t go by often that they are not a part of it. I try to fit in something for my brain (reading the paper, doing the Sudoku), my body (good food, brisk walk, bike ride) and my family. That leaves the smaller portion of time going to my creative endeavours but it enough to satisfy the craving.

     10.  What is next for you? What is your next project?

I have a mixed media idea forming in my brain right now. It will include light molding paste for texture, gelli plate printing for colour and more texture, free motion stitching and embellishment. There is a fibre art show through the White Rock Community Center in October and I hope to have this completed by then.

Thank you so much Debbie for taking the time to be interviewed!

Just to let you know that Deb’s Art Journal bags will be on display at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe for the month of June!  Hope you drop by and check out the Art Journal Show there!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love, Violette xo

4th Year Book Anniversary Giveaway – Contest Closed – we have a winner!

Can you believe it? It’s been 4 years since my book Journal Bliss was published!  Wow………how time flies!


In honour of this occasion I thought i would have another giveaway.  This time I’ll be giving one prize of my book Journal Bliss, a mixed media painting called “The Fragrance of a Rose” and a little orange freak (elephant). He’s flying his own miniature freak flag as a reminder to us all to fly our freak flag loud and proud!


Here is a better view of all three items you can win! 


The little papier mache freak is so adorable that i wanted to give you a closer look. Smile 

If you love art journaling and art then you’ll love this giveaway. 

To enter to win please leave a comment below telling me what your biggest creative challenge is these days!

I’d be very grateful if you pinned this contest and shared it with your friends on twitter and facebook!  Thanks so much!

I’ll be drawing the winner’s name on Wednesday April 10th at 9 am PST.  Good Luck!

Love, Violette oxox

Another prize to giveaway–February Contest

Happy Friday my friends!  I don’t know what i was thinking.  I am giving away 2 prizes for my February contest however that doesn’t sit right with me – it feels like it should be either one or three prizes so I’m adding another prize into the mix!talkingheads

On Monday I’ll be giving away these two little Talking Heads – “Quirky” and “Bliss – Tranquility”……..they would be so sweet standing on a bookshelf nestled next to your favourite books or simply displayed on a mantle quietly holding the energy of quirky, bliss and tranquility Smile.


As you can see i have indulged my love of glitter by dousing these little beauties with opalescent glitter!  Sweet!  These little talking heads are 2” x 4”x 1/2”, mixed media on wood.  The hat adds extra height to Quirky. Originally I called the talking heads without hats “Men without hats” just for fun!

So if you have not already entered my contest please go here for contest details and enter to win one of three prizes!  Good Luck!

And speaking of contests……

Nicci from Into the heART art Retreat is having a contest you might want to check out!  I’m one of the instructors for Nicci’s retreat!

I’ll be making crafts with my little grandson Sam today – should be fun!  He loves Craft time!

Enjoy the weekend!

Love, Violette xo

She’s nothing but a dreamer!


As you can see i was influenced by Sunny Carvalho’s whimsical mixed media pieces.  I have always created my pretty ladies this way but not my little whimsical people. So thank you Sunny for the inspiration!  This mixed media piece is for the White Rock Outside the Box Fibre exhibition – it’s a juried show. Usually i don’t enter juried shows but i thought this was good motivation for me to spend several blissful hours creating!


This is how i started out – as you can see i used a print of one of my fav journal pages as well as napkins and words to collage the background. The face is created separately.


I painted on top of the collaged background – it sure was difficult painting over that face Sad smile! A bit of drippage was in order too!


Another process picture.  It’s funny but as I’m creating and lost in the process I am having a running dialogue with the piece.  It’s telling me what to do next. Sometimes it changes it’s mind and tells me to paint blue eyes and then the next thing you know they become green. At this point i had no idea what the words would be.


Can you imagine my surprise when a 3D balloon appeared? I had absolutely no idea about that one!


The balloon and the star on the girls head are glittered.  The hair is yarn and the balloon string is embroidery floss – i had to add a bit of fibre into it didn’t i?



My original sketch had a pair of arms, legs and a head on it but as the piece progressed i wasn’t feeling the vibe for a head or legs.  I kept staring and staring at the piece with the arms glued on trying to decide whether or not i was disturbed by arms on their own like that. I have never been into the macabre or into disturbing things….they just…….how shall i say this……DISTURB ME! Ha!

The words came to me when i asked “what do you want to say?”


So as I was pondering whether or not to rip the arms off I took down a wooden flying heart from the wall that Mr. G had made for me.  I was going to hang the little Dreamer in it’s place to get a feel for it. Before i did that though i had placed the new piece on top of the wooden heart (accidentally) – and there perfectly aligned was the pieces arms on top of the wings. I almost shouted “That’s IT!!! like Charlie Brown did when he was being analysed by Lucy!  I thought – she’s flying, she’s flying – the little Dreamer is flying!  So i decided to keep the doll hands on the piece! By flying i mean when children put out their arms at their sides and pretend they are flying?

Anyways – she’s done – the entry is due today!  Wish me luck!

I hope you are having a gorgeous day – it’s gonna be a hot one here!

Love, Violette xo

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