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Colour Inspiration at the Magic Cottage

Happy Friday everyone!

I just bought a new swingy, breezy top at Christopher’s Gfits yesterday in Ocean Park.  It feels great.  Mr. G took a photo of me wearing it and told me how to pose (i am a bit of a poser i must admit). He had to take a few shots as i was distracted by the wild bunny that was sitting behind Mr. G.



When trying to think of what to blog about this morning I thought about my new top and how the colours inspire me.  When i looked around the magic cottage I noticed that the same colour (colour family) appears again and again in my art, clothing, home and garden. I decided it might be fun to do a roundup of colours that repeat again and again for me.


Here’s that green on the trim of the magic cottage.


It’s on the kitchen cupboards too and on the trim of the doors! It’s repeated on the polka dots on the window treatment.


Lovely Chartreuse green greets visitors who come to the front door on the Namaste Sign.


Who can forget the driftwood birdhouse resplendent in green? Behind this birdhouse is another birdhouse you can see in the distance in green as well!


This brilliantly coloured coleus sure pops next to the begonias and impatiens no?


Green appears in many of my art journal spreads as well.

What colours repeat again and again for you in your life and art?

Enjoy the weekend!

Love, Violette xo

Good Karma and Messy art 4 and 5

The Messy art daily continues!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that some of you are joining me in creating art every day for at least 15 minutes! Read all about it here. use this hashtag in your blogposts and facebook postings please #messyartdaily

This is day 4’s drawing.  I was watching a TV show about unusual homes and this emerged……


Micron pens and water colour pencil crayons.


After doing a meditation about expanding my energy outwards beyond the house, my country, the world and beyond i drew this quick little one (day 5) in 15 minutes (micron pen and highlighters)……….


As you can see it doesn’t have to be fantastic art or anything Smile.


After doing the meditation Mr. G and i started to clear junk out of the Casbah (shed) as it will be demolished next weekend.  We had 4 black Ikea chairs, two black stools and 4 coloured wooden stools. I put them on the side of the road with signs that said F – R – E – E!  I envisioned the right and perfect people coming to get the chairs/stools. I envisioned them thinking that they really needed some chairs that day and lo and behold they would come upon this little haul!


So 4 groups of people came by and picked up the chairs. Hooray!  One lady came by and got the Ikea chairs and was so thankful. I asked if she needed lamps too and she said no thank you. She noticed my Namaste sign on the door and asked about my spiritual beliefs.  Next thing you know she’s at my door with a large bowl of cherry tomatoes from her garden.  How wonderful is that?


And then a little later she comes by with a huge bunch of Kale from her garden and this book – the Bhagavad Gita – a spiritual book i have always wanted!  I didn’t know that giving away the chairs/stools would be such good karma!


This is the sign that sparked the conversation about spirituality.

Don’t you love it when magical things like this happen? 

Have you had some magical experiences like this before?  If so could you leave me a message in the comments section?

I’d love to read your stories.

Love, Violette  xo