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New Art Journal page and on being a carrot

Hola my friends!

I hope you had a lovely weekend.  I was very fortunate to have attended the Just for the Joy retreat on Saturday in gorgeous St. Mary’s Church in Vancouver.  The all day retreat focused on bringing more joy into your life with sound, dancing (Nia), creativity – Soul Collage and great good for you food!



Here’s a photo of the singing bowls which put us in a meditative state! The Just for the Joy retreats happen a few times a year. I’m thrilled to be an instructor in the February workshop. I’ll be teaching a bit about getting your mojo going and finding your dreams. The retreats are a lovely mix of creativity, sound, dancing and nourishing food – what more could you ask for?

Me as a Carrot


me as a bored carrot


I’ll never understand Facebook.  The other day my sister-in-law put up a post on Facebook stating:

” I know nobody will see my status but sometimes, when I am bored, I go into the garden, I cover myself in earth and I pretend I am a carrot.”

So i liked it but wondered what it meant.  Next thing you know she said that i had to post that as my status.  So i innocently did thinking it was late at nite and no one was going to see it anyway.  But wouldn’t you know it that was the post that got the most “likes” and engagement than any other post i have made (i believe).  Go figure. So a few folks posted that they wanted to see an illustration of me being a carrot so i created a quick little sketch you see above!  When i really want folks to see what i post like the other day i posted an art journal jam video which really had meaning to me and i had hardly ANY engagement? What???

Gypsy Psychic Cartoon



Yesterday I decided to draw a face – when I started I had no idea if it was going to be a man or woman.  I just very slowly and happily created a face.  As this gypsy woman cartoon emerged I asked her who she was. She said she was a gypsy so that necessitated the drawing of a colourful scarf. Then basically she told me she was a gypsy psychic with a crystal ball. I asked her what the message was and she said “I predict you’ll be as happy as you decide to be.”  Guess i needed to hear that yesterday :).


Has this happened to you before when you drew? I’m sure it has and if you are quiet and listen to that quiet voice within you’ll hear the message too! I’d love it if you posted the times that has happened in your life in the comment section!

Love, Violette xo

Creating an ad and Crashing and Burning

I’ve been working in Photoshop for several years now and have never actually successfully “cut out” any image from the background.  Lately i wanted to create an ad for a networking newsletter so i pretty much had to learn how to do it if i wanted to create something i had envisioned.


Part of the problem is I have a minimal amount of patience and when using the lasso tool i would lose the path i was following and be back at square one.  I’d give up in frustration.  This time i had my friend Susan take a photo of me against a white wall which made it easier to cut myself out (the wall was NOT in the magic cottage – all of them are bright colours). The flipchart photo was taken in the backyard so it was pretty challenging cutting it out what with all of the trees and yard art Smile. Then i had to superimpose my photo on top of the flipchart photo.  Next step was creating a background.  Since creating ad copy is not one of my fortes I’m having a friend who is good with words figure out what to say. Graphic Design is not one of my fortes either!


Here is one of the soul collage cards i created the other day.  It’s two images superimposed on one another. Even though both images repelled me i was strangely drawn to them so decided to listen to my intuition and work with them.  When i looked at the card (after some prompting from my friend Vivienne) I realized that i felt like I had crashed and burned regarding teaching art journaling live for 1 or 2 hour classes.  After schlepping all of the supplies, buying supplies, setting up, tearing down, making pages, planning etc. i was getting paid almost minimum wage!  Mr. G and I created an excell spreadsheet and i entered in all of the to do items, times involved etc.  It was sobering to see the figures there in black and white – it was depressing actually.

So I’ve decided to step away from teaching short classes which just are not worth it and regroup and rethink what i want to do.  When i look at this soul collage card i see a bird rising up from the ashes like the Phoenix.  So I’m hoping that I’ll emerge with a renewed sense of vigour and joy.  When i first looked at the tree with the flapping pieces of fabric I thought they were random pieces of fabric that flew there from a dump. Upon closer inspection i see that they are prayer flags flapping in the wind sending out prayers to the surrounding area!  How wonderful is that?

Right now I’m enjoying exploring different areas and following my intuition and see where it leads me! How about you?  Where is your intuition leading you?

Love, Violette xo

p.s. a small group of women turned up at the Art Journal jam yesterday but we had fun chatting and sketching.  Small groups usually translates into deeper conversations!

Art Journal Jam tomorrow and Soul Collage!

It’s that time of month again……..time for an art journal jam!


Come and join me tomorrow at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe in Surrey at 3:30 pm for a free Art Journal Jam!  Bring your favourite journal book or loose pages on a clipboard, your pencil crayons and have a bit of fun creating together! 


Yesterday i had such a lovely afternoon taking a Soul Collage workshop from Margaret Grocke (all the way from Ontario) at the Portal in Ladner. Here are the cards i created – i might still work on a few.  They truly speak to me on such a deep level.  Some of the images repelled me like the airplane that had crashed but strangely i was drawn to it.  In Soul Collage you are supposed to intuitively choose images that you are drawn to – not necessarily pick images that are pretty. Soul Collage was invented by Seena  Frost.  I have her book called Soul Collage and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf for a number of years.  I quickly looked through it but never did anything with it until now. I’m hooked – this is an amazing process. I urge you to look into it if you want to heighten your intuition and be able to answer many of life’s questions.


Here is my friend Vivienne keeper of the Portal, magician, Goddess and all around magical fairy Smile having fun creating.  We had such fun and were giggling and laughing our heads off while clipping images to our hearts content! 


Yours truly, Instructor Margaret Grocke and healer Janey Davey Walsh – Margaret was gently guiding us and answering our questions. Let me tell you it was such a treat to be a participant rather than a teacher for a change. It was interesting to watch my mind though, the critical mind telling me i was doing it wrong or that it didn’t look pretty enough.  Vivienne had to help me “reframe” some of my negative comments Smile.  Thanks Viv! 

See you on Wednesday!

Love, Violette xo