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A bit of this and that, an art journal sketch

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My apologies for not blogging on Monday – it was a holiday here in B.C.

I don’t have too much going on here right now.  My Mom fell down and hit her head so I ended up spending some time in the hospital with my Mom and Stepdad over the weekend.  My Mom has vertigo and lost her footing. Thankfully she didn’t have a stroke which the Doctor was concerned about. Also I’m so happy she didn’t break any bones as she has osteoporosis. You might recall she broke her arm about 3 months ago.


Yesterday after visiting my Mom, Stepdad, daughter and grandson Cillian i went to Point Roberts, Washington to pick up a parcel.  I decided to go to the ocean for a 1/2 hour as a treat since i was so close by.  I always love dipping my toes in the water.  It feels so great on my feet and the negative ions from the water makes my spirit happy!


Here’s a view of the water.  So serene! The rocks all around me were so pretty – i picked up a few to paint on at a later date.


How lucky am i? My friend Tina Ferguson sent me this lovely crystal lamp as a birthday gift (that’s what i went to Point Roberts to pick up).  It looks so wonderful at night in the Sanctuary! Thank you Tina!


Inspired by Teesha Moore and her Spirit Guide journal page I decided to try my hand at giving my guides a face too. I’m always afraid to do that since i feel I won’t get it right. Really? What does it matter if it’s not right? So this is the start of the page……just at the sketching stage. 


Even though i don’t really draw animals since i’m not so great at it I decided to practise sketching a unicorn.  Be prepared to see a unicorn appear in one of my art journal pages!

See you on Friday!

Love, Violette xo

The light at the end of the tunnel!

Mr. Gee and I went away to visit family and friends this weekend and on the way home we dropped by to see some tunnels which had been created in the 1800s to make way for a railroad (near Hope).  Since I have a fascination with orbs I asked Mr. Gee to take a picture of me with my spirit friends.  Notice how there’s a green orb next to my head?  I believe that is a my spirit guide or guardian angel.

We’re walking through another tunnel when I felt somebody walking beside me – so I quickly turned into the pitch black to see who was there.  When I turn there was no one there.  So I asked Mr. Gee to take a picture of me to see if there was a spirit hanging out there – sure enough there was an  orb next to my shoulder!  Cool eh?

This is a picture we took of the pathway to the tunnels.  I always love taking photos of pathways – I’m thinking ahead of future art journal pages that these lovely photos would be perfect for!  Of course pathways are always a metaphor for the journey.  They really speak to me.

Here is another lovely pathway picture we took yesterday.

The cast clinic

Today I’m going to the cast clinic – it’s been four weeks since I’ve had my cast on and I believe they’re going to xray my wrist to see if everything’s healing properly.  I’m hoping that they will put on a smaller cast.  It’s been very hot here and having a big heavy cast on makes me a wee bit cranky.  Ha!!!