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Quirky Animal Jar lid DIY



When my sister was here visiting I decided that one of our little craft projects was to make some Quirky Animal jar painted lids to hold fun, colourful supplies like pom poms, marbles, alphabet letters and coloured chalk.  My grandchildren are going to love them!



These are super easy to do. I bought my toy plastic animals at the dollar store but you can get fancier expensive ones at craft stores.  The jars were also bought from the dollar store.  You can use whatever jars you have in the house though.



First of all you spray all of the jar lids, animals and whatever else you have lying around that is begging to be painted with a white primer. You could skip this step however that would mean you’d have to spray way more colour over each item to get good coverage. My sister Linda is doing this – she’s a real go getter and wanted to get down to business ASAP!



I used Krylon Color Master spays in 4 different colours.  You then spray your items – it took about 3 coats to totally get good coverage.



You’ll want to do this outside as the spray paints are fairly toxic.




Next I used Gorilla Super glue to glue the animals onto the painted jar lids.  You have to choose animals with fairly substantial feet otherwise you won’t have enough surface area to glue the animal to the lid.  Do this outside as the glue really has a strong smell…….or at least do this step in a well ventilated area.



These two little beauties were too big to go ontop of the jar lids however i thought they would make a cute addition to my shelves.



And Voila!  You have your super duper colourful animal jar lids to fill up with all kinds of crafty and artsy goodness!

Your kids or grandchildren (or your inner child!) will love this craft!

Love, Violette xo 

Self-Portrait Challenge Day 14


A quick 2 minute sketch i just did on Arabic paper i think.  As you can see i don’t look very happy – i have to go for jury duty (or to be chosen early today) and I’m not a happy camper – if chosen i have to attend the trial for 15 days.  That means that I’d be blogging at night and it would most likely be brief.  I’ll know for sure tomorrow.


I struck a pose which i thought would be interesting as a silhouette portrait.  I printed the image out on an 8 x 10 piece of paper and then cut out my image with a sharp pair of scissors. I used both the positive and negative images to create a stencil.  I used inexpensive fluorescent pink spray paint.


On one piece of paper i scraped two paint colours (acrylic).  Then with pencil i wrote words which described me (positive words).


Next i placed the image over top the writing (i used pieces of masking tape to keep image in place. I then spray painted on top.  I might keep working on this one and use it as an art journal page.


On this piece of paper i scrapped a bit of paint on and then placed the piece of paper with the image cut out of it on top.  Then i sprayed the pink paint over it.  This piece obviously needs to be embellished but I’m really pleased with the silhouette look!

Well – that’s it for today!  I just might be doing some self-portrait sketches while waiting in the jury room deliberating (or whatever they call it!).


The Five Days of Frogs: Day 5 – Spray frog


In this piece I decided to spray paint the frog through the stencil – i’m not sure if i’m too cranked about spray painting but thought i’d give it a whirl. Sorry I was unable to show you the steps I took due to my camera batteries dying. Anyways here is what I did which might not be apparent by looking at the art journal page:

Step 1: I used a piece of watercolour paper since I wanted to put a wash of acrylics (fluid acrylics) and have it workable (cardstock would just absorb the wash right away). While the background was still wet I placed a piece of saran wrap (plastic) on the page and smooched it and then removed it – some of the colour came off leaving a bit of a crinkly effect.

Step 2: I placed the stencil over the background and sprayed though it with very toxic spray paint I had lying around. It would probably be best to use a non-toxic spray paint – I believe Duncan has some. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Step 3: Next I cut out some scrap painted papers (some were dyed paper towels) to form a scallop border – I adhered the pieces to the journal page.

Step 4: I wrote the words “The Handsome Prince” on a piece of graph paper, edged it with a Stabillo black pencil and then attached it to the page with two miniscule (don’t you love that word?) brads.

Step 5: I drew a vine and grass with Copic markers and accented the images a bit with micron pens. The words were written in micron pens too and highlighted with Copic markers.

Step 6: I cut out a wee door on the frog’s body. On a scrap piece of card I wrote the words “save yourself”. I taped the scrap to the back of the journal page so that it would line up with the door.

What I did not do which I think i’ll add now is a safety pin and put the words “save me” next to it. I love the look of rich textured add ons especially if they fit in with the theme of the journal page!

I hope you have enjoyed the Five Days of Frogs. It’s been a challenge for me – not that I have difficulty coming up with ideas (I have a kajillion of them) but because I made the journal pages in the morning before blogging and before I am coherent. So like I said it was a challenge!

Podcast interview

Last night’s podcast interview with Tina Ferguson was the best ever……i mean I totally felt I could be myself – I talked about art and spirituality which I feel are inextricably linked. Some interviewers bring out the best in people and Tina is definitely one of those folks. You’ll be able to listen to the interview if you go here and click on the episode “Embracing your Inner Eccentric”.  Thanks Tina for the wonderful opportunity to share with your listeners.

You can still enter to win my class Bohemian Bliss by going to Wendy’s Craft Dinner (if you haven’t already entered the other contest – your name is automatically entered).  We’ll be drawing a name on Monday.  Good luck.

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend.  I am going to be celebrating my birthday with friends and also celebrating a few “gemini’ friend’s special day over at Nicci’s place!  Should be fun!