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Art Journal page repurposing


I liked the art journal page i created yesterday so I decided to print it off and glue it to the front of a new composition book (those inexpensive books for taking notes? Click on the link for more ideas on how to cover these books). I love repurposing pages that are favourites. When i have an inspiring cover on a blank book I’m more likely to use it – how about you?


I glued the page to the book with mod podge.  I dropped a puddle of mod podge onto the cover and scraped it on with a discarded credit card for even coverage.  Then i carefully placed my printed journal page on top smoothing it out making sure there were no bubbles. 


I added some fine glitter to a couple of spots – dabbed some mod podge on first to adhere the glitter. You need fine glitter for this step otherwise the tape on the next step will poof out.  Next i used strips of clear packing tape over top to make the cover more durable. For that funky look i adore so much i decided to add a checked decorative duct tape to the spine. Voila!  I have a colourful and inspiring notebook to store ideas and notes in! Smile

Here’s a little idea you might want to pay attention to – give your glued cover some time to dry (probably at least 2 hours) before adding the packing tape to it.  In my haste to have this book ready to photograph for you this morning I put the tape on before the glue was dried – check out the discoloration on the woman’s neck.  I poked a couple of pinholes in the area and hope the glue will dry.

Free Mixed Media Workshops

If you are looking for a bit of art inspiration and instruction you might want to sign up for Strathmore’s Online Workshop Series. You can sign up for Traci Bautista’s or Cathy Johnson’s class – both excellent classes.  I know that the Summer is a slow time for many people – it’s the perfect time to hone your skills and learn a few tricks to add to your artsy toolkit.

That’s it for today – I’ll be babysitting my wee grandson Cillian this afternoon!  See you tomorrow!

Love, Violette xo

21 Secrets and hello Natasha!


The lovely Natasha – a fellow teacher at 21 Secrets and her artwork…..




21 Secrets officially opens today YAY!!!!!!! 

You can just feel the wonderful energy on the site.  All of the teachers are abuzz with excitement.  If you want to learn more and would like to join us for the art journaling extravaganza please click on the above link.  I woke up this morning to a kajillion messages from 21 Secrets in my inbox………YIKES….i forgot to turn off some of the settings so i would not receive EVERYTHING.  Over 300 people are registered for this event so you can imagine how many messages came pouring in!  Ha!

Creative Nacho’s – Natasha

One of the many positive benefits about being a teacher at 21 Secrets is that I get to explore the artwork and teachings of so many talented women.  Some I already know and some I am having the pleasure of getting to know.  Today I’m so thrilled to be sharing a bit with you about Natasha (check out her lovely blog – Creative Nachos) – how fun is that name??  I’m loving it! This is what Natasha says about herself:

I am a child with a bucket of words mixing and matching, the laughter over a pint, colorful sidewalk chalk drawings, an umbrella in the rain, a midnight heart-to-heart, the moment right after a breaking wave, a mini-Tasmanian Devil, a Nacho chip topped with yummy wonderfulness, a tightrope-walking juggler, the popcorn-chocolate combo at the movies, music notes hanging in the air, the chocolate shell on a candy bar, love dangling from a shirt sleeve, flickering firefly light, an unruly child at prayer service, a Mama bear, a medic hoping to fix the broken parts, a horse cloud shape, the concrete and the blowing grass all-in-one, a pistachio among peanuts. Creativenachos is my playground. Won’t you come and play?

I don’t know about you but after reading her bio i seriously wanted to come and play with her at Creative Nachos!  One of the things i find so special about Natasha is her way with words – they literally jump off the page.  Her words tell a story and as you can see with the above journal pages she weaves gorgeous stories that draw you into her beautiful world.  Soon Natasha will be offering her own class called “Oh the stories you’ll tell” where i’m sure she’ll be spilling her secrets!  And speaking of secrets – Natasha’s class at 21 Secrets is called “Improvisation Station”.

Natasha will be showing you how to tap into your intuition and simply play with no agenda! I don’t know about you but i could seriously use a couple of hours of play with no plan!

Thanks Natasha for being so true to YOU!

I received a few lovely Visual Journals from Strathmore – wonderful yummy pages of sturdy paper! Thank you Strathmore!  So on Monday I’m going to have a giveaway!  Hooray!  Also I’ll be showcasing the art and work of Heather Plett another 21 Secrets teacher. You can go to Heather’s site and sign up for her free e-book called Sophia Rises: Changing the world through feminine wisdom.  Our very own Connie Hozvicka the beautiful brains behind 21 Secrets is one of the contributors.

Well that’s it for today – I hope you all have a marvellous weekend.  I’ll be doing some work, visiting family and helping my friend in her campaign office – it’s election time here in Canada!