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Kathryn Costa’s Mandala Guidebook and a giveaway! Contest Closed we have a winner!

Hello friends!  We have a winner – Sandy Boren!  Please contact me so i can mail you your prizes!

I have been absent for a while – been on an amazing wilderness adventure which I will write about next week.  I was able to do some art journaling on this adventure in the Great Bear Rainforest so I’m happy to share a few pages with you next week.


But for now I’m thrilled to tell you about Kathryn Costa’s book The Mandala Guidebook: How to draw, paint and color expressive mandala art!  I was sent a review copy and absolutely love it.  This guidebook gives you step by steps on how to create free form mandalas but also mandalas using a compass and protractor.  Funnily enough Kathryn mentions some people’s fear or reticence in using those instruments – dating back to their school days where geometry struck fear in their hearts. That would be me :).  I don’t think I’ve owned a compass and protractor for a few decades. If you’d like to download a free chapter you can click here.


As you can see I have incorporated free form decorative mandalas in my art for some time and truly enjoy how they spice up a page.  After reading Kathryn’s book and perusing some of the projects as well as studying her simple step by step instructions I am going to buy a compass set and start making intentional mandalas.

FullSizeRender 5


This was one of my favourite mandalas in Kathryn’s book.

I am especially intrigued to use mandalas to solve problems, let go of my fears and to use in my gratitude practise.  Drawing intentional mandalas will also give you greater clarity and insight on what’s happening in your life. The possibilities are truly endless.

This book is full of prompts, pattern ideas, inspiration and mixed media techniques from using simple pen and paper to more complex mixed media projects.  There truly is something for everyone here.

FullSizeRender 6

In celebration of the release of The Mandala Guidebook I’m having a giveaway.  You can enter to win some of my artful products – journal book, bookmarks, postcard, greeting card, Heidi wood block and Teens Dream Journal DVD.  Simply leave me a comment here – letting me know if you have used mandalas in your mixed media or art journal pages before.  I’ll pick a winner on Saturday May 28th at 9 am PST.


Good Luck!

Love, Violette

Winner of LIFE BOOK 2015 Giveaway!


Holy Mackerole!  We had over 432 entries to this contest giveaway (i had to choose a name from two blogposts as i originally had made a mistake)!  I’ve been having contest giveaways for many years now and this is definitely the most entries I have EVER received!

I read each and every entry – i was so moved by many of your comments. Many of you shared your hopes and dreams and about why you so needed this class to feed your souls.  I truly was blown away and many times even moved to tears.  Each and every one of you deserves a spot however each teacher is allowed to give only one spot away! Just to let you know how incredibly generous Tamara Laporte is……..she gave away 10 spots! WOW!

The winner of my giveaway is Carol Mc!  Here’s what Carol had to say:

I would love to win a seat in Life Book 2015. I have experienced some traumatic changes in my life this year. My husband and my sister both passed away in the beginning of this year. Now I am pretty much a full time caretaker for my mother who is recovering from a rare form of cancer called NETS. I’m trying to adjust to these changes and take stock of the blessings that I do have in my life. I’ve been having difficulty finding purpose and direction in my life now. My husband and I had been making plans together for 25 years; now I have to accept things and make new plans. I think this would be such a great class for some personal introspection that I could certainly use at this time.

Would love to learn from such a fantastic array of teachers; and have these lessons to look forward to every week. Thank you for the chance to win a seat in class.

Congratulations Carol!  

If you know me at all you know that i have difficulty choosing one winner or even three for that matter. When my kids were little and I had backyard “art contests” or “bug finding contests” for the neighbour kids everyone always won a prize. I’d create catergories just so that the child could feel like a winner.  Unfortunately I can’t do that today but I do hope that if you really want a spot in LIFE BOOK 2015 and you can’t afford it that you mention it to family members or friends who might be willing to gift it to you for a Christmas or birthday present. It’s definitely going to be well worth it – an entire year of soul-filled, artsy goodness. So good for your soul! For more information on all of the teachers and the course please click here.

Thank you soooo much to all of you for taking the time to enter and for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it!

Just to let you know I am also going to give away one of my Teens Dream Journal DVD’s to a woman who teaches Tweens art…….I just have to search and find her name again!

Love, Violette xo

Mother’s Day Dream Journal fun!


Yesterday i spoke about revamping the Magic Cottage – giving everything a fresh coat of paint.  Well this morning I’m painting the checkerboard border on the painted rug.  As you can see i tried to cheat by not taping off the inside edge or even the outside edge of the row I’m working on.  I’ll have to tape it off as it’s REALLY SLOW GOING this way. Taping all the sides off will help me to paint faster Smile.

I was feeling rather guilty this week as much of the week is being taken up with “family stuff” rather than my art business but I’m pretty happy about it.  Today my Mom is coming over and I’ll be showing her how to make her own Dream Journal Book with her photos.  Spending the afternoon with my Mom is my Mother’s Day gift to her – I mean really – the gift of time is more important than an actual item don’t you think? There is a possibility that a reporter might be by to do a Mother’s Day story today so that should be fun!

Tomorrow I’m visiting my daughter-in-law and grandson Sam.  My daughter-in-law is pregnant and is due in a week or two! How exciting! On Thursday I’ll be babysitting my other little grandson Cillian (who is 3 months old).  On Friday I have a luncheon for my sister’s birthday and my good friend Barb’s birthday.  We are preparing the yard and buying bedding plants in preparation for a family gathering on Sunday here – Mother’s Day (there are 6 Mothers i believe) and my sister’s birthday. So it’s a busy time indeed!

I want to thank my friend Suzana for posting all about the Teen’s Dream Journal on her blog.  What a lovely blogpost – thank you Suzana!  If you want to grab a copy of the Teen’s Dream Journal go here.

See you tomorrow!


Creatively inspired by other artist’s work!


Last week two ladies came by the magic cottage with their children for a visit and bought Journal Bliss and this.  They mentioned that the local plant shop Art Knapps had a cool display of some artists work.  They happened to capture a shot of a fanciful couch on their phone. When i looked at the picture I said “Oh my gosh – that’s Kelly Rae Robert’s couch!”  So after the ladies left i high tailed it over to the shop to take a look at the gorgeous display.  Mr. G took a picture of the above display. I love the mixed media grungy background of the framed painting don’t you?


I bought this adorable tiny plate to put my jewellery in at night. It reminds me to set my heart free to dream at night! What a happy surprise – i had set this plate down on the counter for a photo shoot and when i looked at the photo later on I noticed underneath the plate the words on the counter said “The heart”!  Serendipity!


I also bought this tin bucket – love the words “Embrace Change” – it’s a reminder to not be afraid of change – or at the very least acknowledge the fear of it and embrace it anyways!  I was inspired by Kelly Rae’s work – it has prompted me to begin a painting i have been wanting to work on for over the hearth.

What artist’s work inspires you to create more?


Don’t forget to sign up for the Creating Time Mega Event here!


Violette’s Visual Bio

Violette Visual Bio

My friend Tina created this Visual Bio for me for my newish website Purplejuice. Isn’t it fun?  It documents most of my art life – didn’t have room to put in there when i was a stay at home Mom creating cartoons and arts and crafts.

Violette Visual Bio1

As you can see i was pretty dramatic as a teen about having strict parents.  My European parents were not at all like the Canadian parents Smile.  Of course at the time we didn’t know that my Dad suffered from a mental illness – that set the tone for the atmosphere at home. I found solace in art.  I’d often be found drawing in my bedroom – at times sketching pictures of myself behind bars.  Art was like the silent listener – always there for me when i needed it. My identity was wrapped up in art.  It soothed me……it made me happy when i was down.

I wish that i had known about art journaling back then.  I know that if i did things would have been easier that’s for sure.  That’s why i created the Teens Dream Journal DVD.  The Journal is a place to keep your hopes and dreams in as well as the things you are good at.  As a teen I needed quite a bit of guidance and this would have been the perfect thing for me – like a GPS for feeling good about yourself!  It would have helped me feel better about who i was and get in touch with the beauty and magic that was already there!  I had incredibly low self-esteem back then.

I guess in a way the Dream Journal creation was like reaching back into my past and giving the young lost teen that i was what she needed.  I guess the saying “Your mess is your message” can be true Smile.  The mess of the past can be your message to the world. 

I love this quote by Mastin Kipp on The Daily Love:

Add value to other people’s lives and value will be added to your own. Being of service and taking the wounds of your life and turning them into lessons and sharing your experience with others will do more good to you and the planet than almost anything else.

I so agree with Mastin! Can you think of anyone you know of who has turned their mess into their message? I would love to hear about it!


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