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Art Journal Jam tomorrow and Soul Collage!

It’s that time of month again……..time for an art journal jam!


Come and join me tomorrow at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe in Surrey at 3:30 pm for a free Art Journal Jam!  Bring your favourite journal book or loose pages on a clipboard, your pencil crayons and have a bit of fun creating together! 


Yesterday i had such a lovely afternoon taking a Soul Collage workshop from Margaret Grocke (all the way from Ontario) at the Portal in Ladner. Here are the cards i created – i might still work on a few.  They truly speak to me on such a deep level.  Some of the images repelled me like the airplane that had crashed but strangely i was drawn to it.  In Soul Collage you are supposed to intuitively choose images that you are drawn to – not necessarily pick images that are pretty. Soul Collage was invented by Seena  Frost.  I have her book called Soul Collage and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf for a number of years.  I quickly looked through it but never did anything with it until now. I’m hooked – this is an amazing process. I urge you to look into it if you want to heighten your intuition and be able to answer many of life’s questions.


Here is my friend Vivienne keeper of the Portal, magician, Goddess and all around magical fairy Smile having fun creating.  We had such fun and were giggling and laughing our heads off while clipping images to our hearts content! 


Yours truly, Instructor Margaret Grocke and healer Janey Davey Walsh – Margaret was gently guiding us and answering our questions. Let me tell you it was such a treat to be a participant rather than a teacher for a change. It was interesting to watch my mind though, the critical mind telling me i was doing it wrong or that it didn’t look pretty enough.  Vivienne had to help me “reframe” some of my negative comments Smile.  Thanks Viv! 

See you on Wednesday!

Love, Violette xo

Art Journal Stickers

On Friday i facilitated a Teen’s Art Journal Jam – about 8 teens started out Jamming with my friend and Teen Coach Susi.



While chatting with the teens i worked on some art journal stickers i plan on printing and using in my journal pages. One of the young teens – a boy gave me suggestions on the facial expressions. He’s a big fan of comics so he had some great ideas.

The kids were great!  I think they had fun.  The setting – the Portal in Ladner used to be a Dentist’s office so the rooms are tiny.  We had to split up into two groups – we could hear each other through the walls which was pretty comical. Thankfully my friend Susi dropped by to help out so she went in one room and i went in another.

Something magical happens when you begin to draw with others. Everyone opens up and shares personal stories. We spoke about bullying, comics, Comic-con and not being able to draw certain things.  There are many teachable moments when you are expressing yourself creatively in a group.  One of the young tweens (11 years old) said she could not draw faces.  As i looked through her sketchbook i could see all of her “girls” were faceless.  So i mentioned that there is a trick to drawing faces and that not to worry about the eyes being perfect.  I did a quick sketch of how to divide up a face and then sketch it out.

The next thing you know the girl had carefully and slowly drawn a beautiful face!  She was so pleased with herself. I’ll bet if i looked in her journal today i would see that her drawing has shifted slightly.

Many thanks to Vivienne and the Portal for Hosting the Teens Art Journal Jam!

I’m off to practise a Speech for Toastmaster’s tonight – it sure would be nice to not freak out every time I have to deliver a speech Smile.

Love, Violette xo

Teen’s Art Journaling–it’s a Jam!

Hooray!  There will be another art journal jam in Ladner just for teens this time! 


I was interviewed a couple of days ago regarding the Teen’s Art Journal Jam i am hosting– you can read about it here in the Delta Optimist newspaper. Please spread the message to all the teens you know in the area! It’s FREE!

My friend Vivienne Grace who is the founder of a lovely Metaphysical shop/healing center in Ladner called The Portal encouraged me to have workshops for Teens at the center.  I thought the Journal Jam is a good way to introduce teens to art journaling. 


There is a Grand Opening at the Portal tomorrow from 11 am to 7 pm. 

The Portal

4755 – 51 Street, Ladner

Vivienne has some of my art and artful products for sale along with many other beautiful pieces of art and metaphysical goodness! To find out more why not “Like” their page on facebook?

I’m off to have a visit with my little grandson Cillian who is turning one tomorrow!  He’s such a little darling – Happy Birthday Cillian! xo

Wishing you a very blessed weekend!

Love, Violette xo