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Things Crafty Video Interview

I’ve been sick for the past few days but was happy to be coherent enough to be able to think and speak for this fun Video Interview with Martiel Beatty over at Things Crafty Link.


Video Interview  I am having problems embedding the video here so hope you click on the link to watch it – it’s over one hour long but kind of fun and chatty – you can watch it while having tea – pretend we are having tea together Smile. I spoke about art journaling and how it saved me, my book Journal Bliss – and how i got the book deal and much much more!

I’ve created a “Violette TV” Pinterest Board that you might like to check out! I’m not sure if i should put all of my videos on there or just my favourites!

I’ll be briefly blogging on Friday – I know it’s Good Friday but some of you might be popping over here.  Guess what?  In a couple of days it will be the 4th anniversary of my book Journal Bliss being published – so I’ll be having a contest giveaway next week – stay tuned! 

Love, Violette xo