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A bit of this and that, an art journal sketch

Happy Wednesday everyone!

My apologies for not blogging on Monday – it was a holiday here in B.C.

I don’t have too much going on here right now.  My Mom fell down and hit her head so I ended up spending some time in the hospital with my Mom and Stepdad over the weekend.  My Mom has vertigo and lost her footing. Thankfully she didn’t have a stroke which the Doctor was concerned about. Also I’m so happy she didn’t break any bones as she has osteoporosis. You might recall she broke her arm about 3 months ago.


Yesterday after visiting my Mom, Stepdad, daughter and grandson Cillian i went to Point Roberts, Washington to pick up a parcel.  I decided to go to the ocean for a 1/2 hour as a treat since i was so close by.  I always love dipping my toes in the water.  It feels so great on my feet and the negative ions from the water makes my spirit happy!


Here’s a view of the water.  So serene! The rocks all around me were so pretty – i picked up a few to paint on at a later date.


How lucky am i? My friend Tina Ferguson sent me this lovely crystal lamp as a birthday gift (that’s what i went to Point Roberts to pick up).  It looks so wonderful at night in the Sanctuary! Thank you Tina!


Inspired by Teesha Moore and her Spirit Guide journal page I decided to try my hand at giving my guides a face too. I’m always afraid to do that since i feel I won’t get it right. Really? What does it matter if it’s not right? So this is the start of the page……just at the sketching stage. 


Even though i don’t really draw animals since i’m not so great at it I decided to practise sketching a unicorn.  Be prepared to see a unicorn appear in one of my art journal pages!

See you on Friday!

Love, Violette xo

Violette’s Visual Bio

Violette Visual Bio

My friend Tina created this Visual Bio for me for my newish website Purplejuice. Isn’t it fun?  It documents most of my art life – didn’t have room to put in there when i was a stay at home Mom creating cartoons and arts and crafts.

Violette Visual Bio1

As you can see i was pretty dramatic as a teen about having strict parents.  My European parents were not at all like the Canadian parents Smile.  Of course at the time we didn’t know that my Dad suffered from a mental illness – that set the tone for the atmosphere at home. I found solace in art.  I’d often be found drawing in my bedroom – at times sketching pictures of myself behind bars.  Art was like the silent listener – always there for me when i needed it. My identity was wrapped up in art.  It soothed me……it made me happy when i was down.

I wish that i had known about art journaling back then.  I know that if i did things would have been easier that’s for sure.  That’s why i created the Teens Dream Journal DVD.  The Journal is a place to keep your hopes and dreams in as well as the things you are good at.  As a teen I needed quite a bit of guidance and this would have been the perfect thing for me – like a GPS for feeling good about yourself!  It would have helped me feel better about who i was and get in touch with the beauty and magic that was already there!  I had incredibly low self-esteem back then.

I guess in a way the Dream Journal creation was like reaching back into my past and giving the young lost teen that i was what she needed.  I guess the saying “Your mess is your message” can be true Smile.  The mess of the past can be your message to the world. 

I love this quote by Mastin Kipp on The Daily Love:

Add value to other people’s lives and value will be added to your own. Being of service and taking the wounds of your life and turning them into lessons and sharing your experience with others will do more good to you and the planet than almost anything else.

I so agree with Mastin! Can you think of anyone you know of who has turned their mess into their message? I would love to hear about it!


Are you in Alignment with your Purpose?


Because I’m such a visual person i had to rush outside this morning – set up the tripod and take this picture of myself walking the yellow line on our road in order to drive a point home. Recently i listened to a podcast on Tina Ferguson’s Queen of Dreams Radio show – Tina was interviewing Lonna Bartley (energy healer) and Lonna mentioned being in Alignment – i think she said being in Alignment with your Purpose (or at least that’s what i heard). Smile Instantly i closed my eyes and saw myself walking a line.  I thought – Wow!  Isn’t this a great way to see if something you are asked to do or are DOING right now is in alignment with your purpose?

You simply close your eyes and visualize yourself walking a line… could even be walking on a tight rope.  If you can walk easily and effortlessly when you ask this question “Is doing this keeping me in Alignment with my Purpose?”  If the answer is NO then you’ll stumble off the line or fall off of the tight rope.  Lately I’ve been letting go of things that are not in alignment with with my purpose – I’m sure making some folks wonder what the heck am i doing? With all of the din of NEW STUFF being thrown at us every day at breakneck speed – sometimes we get caught up in the “Shiny new sparkly syndrome” and say yes to things which are simply a distraction from our purpose.  So – here’s my question to you today:

Are you in alignment with your purpose?  If not what can you do or let go of or begin TODAY so that you can once again feel you are on the right path?

Are you signed up for Goddess Leonie’s World’s Biggest Summit?  I am – I’m enjoying all of the free videos and audio clips from inspiring teachers. I started my day by watching a video today and it uplifted me!  If you need a boost of inspiration then why not sign up to be able to access these lovely morsels of inspirational goodness?


Looking for Clarity


Every now and then i get a bit disillusioned about the art business and then need to find my way again.  Yesterday I listened to Tara Reed and Maria Brophy on the Ask Tara Reed call about art licensing. It was a good call – Tara and Maria covered lots of ground.  They did say that art licensing was a still a viable route to go even though there is quite a bit more competition than there used to be. With the net it is so much easier to find information and get yourself seen and known than ever before.  Also with the downturn of the economy I believe things have slowed a bit. Licensing companies are most likely choosier than they used to be.

What makes your heart sing?

My friend Tina Ferguson would tell me to make a list of things I can do – look at the list and items with “fresh eyes” and then see which ones make me jump for joy!  Which ones are a big YES and which ones are a small yes?  What makes your heart sing?  When i thought about art licensing i didn’t get a BIG YES.  Although i love to share my art with the world it is not my primary motivation.  My motivation is to inspire women and teens and help them achieve their dreams.  Does teaching techniques make my heart sing?  NO. Sometimes teaching techniques is part of inspiring but not the be all end all. 

Mind mapping your dreams

Yesterday while in a state of fogginess I decided to mind map what i wanted to do on my flipchart.  In the center i wrote “Violette’s Dreams” and then i began to create a couple of green radiating wavy lines. I only managed to write down one thing – YES……..just one thing.  Usually i have numerous items down.  In one corner i drew a wing and beneath it wrote the words “give wings to your soul”.  The rest of the page remained empty – very odd indeed.

What is easy for you to do?

When i think of what i love to do that is easy it’s usually talking about creativity and giving people ideas on how to make their dreams REAL.  The other day i was at Wallmart looking for some notebooks and cardstock to take to my workshop.  A clerk asked me if she could help me – so i told her what i was looking for and what i had intended to use it for.  I told her i was an artist.  Her eyes sparkled so i knew that she too was an artist.  We began a long conversation where i shared ideas with her about getting her card designs out there – what she could do to get known,how she could get her cards printed, land some publicity and possibly get a licensing contract.  It was easy to do – the ideas simply flowed.  Several times i had to tell the clerk someone was waiting to talk to her.  She was so engrossed in the conversation that she was neglecting other customers.

So i figured there was a BIG clue for me! I love helping people achieve their dreams!

So now it’s your turn – i am looking for clarity for myself but also what YOU are looking for in a blog?  Is it inspiration, techniques, quirky stories?  Do you have specific questions?  If you could leave me a comment i would really appreciate it – i might even create a webinar or a youtube video of my answers.

Thank you so much!


Inspired by Crows


Fence sitting crow


Birds eye view crow


Birdbath crow


Crow on the totem pole


I planted a few bedding plants yesterday


While rushing around taking crow pictures in the backyard this apple blossom almost thwapped me in the face as if to say “how about me?  Am i not photo worthy?” OH YES YOU ARE!!!

I had a podcast interview this morning and am all talked out………so i said to myself – rather than blogging i would rather be out in the sunshine taking pictures of crows.  As you all know i’m fascinated by crows. I believe they are my totem……hey…….i even captured a crow on the totem pole.  How fun is that?

If you want to find true love why don’t you listen to Tina Ferguson’s podcast tonite with her guest Ellany Cevan?

Well that’s it for today………I’ll hopefully have some art to show you tomorrow!



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