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Holiday joy!



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!  If you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah  I do hope you enjoyed spending it with family and friends.

We had a great Christmas gathering – two actually!  The above photo is of our family gathering at my son and daughter-in-laws home on Christmas day (four generations!).  There were 20 or so people there – what a joyful celebration. Click the above photo to see a larger version.



We also celebrated on Christmas eve with some of Mr. G’s family – his son Kevin and little grandson Leium were part of this celebration.  Since we don’t have a kitchen table we had to use the living room to put up the table and folding chairs. It looked pretty festive in there! It was lovely spending time with family on Christmas eve.

Lifebook 2015 Video set up

video_setupMr. G spoiled me as he usually does!  He got me this fancy tripod and i-pad mount (from i-shot) so that i can shoot and edit my videos for Lifebook 2015 more easily. I tend to get overwhelmed with the video system on the other Canon camera i have – the i-pad is so much easier. And speaking of which in this photo i was video taping my first bonus lesson for Lifebook – it starts in just a couple of days!  Yay – you can sign up here. I can’t wait to see what all of the participants come up with.



Sneak peek: Starting to apply paint to my first project!

One of the gifts Mr. G gave me was 10 Ukulele lessons with my friend Ivy who is a local music teacher!  I can’t wait to start my lessons.  I love the sound of the Uke – makes me so happy.

I’m off to edit the videos!  Hope you are having a glorious day!

Love, Violette xo

Wasn’t that a party?


Yesterday i was nervous about the Network meeting i was going to attend.  I had two cups of coffee and I’m sure that made me a bit jittery.  I was all ready – had my rolling cart full of calendars, books and DVD’s ready at the door, even my Ukelele was waiting patiently.  As i moved about the house i hit this framed mixed media piece i created at one of Julie Haymaker Thompson’s classes and broke the frame. DOH!


Then i added a quick swipe of blush to my cheeks and don’t ask me how i did this but the tiny case went flying off the counter and broke.  Then i bumped my shoulder onto the corner of a wall – certain to give me a bruise.  All this for what???  I was nervous about setting up a table with my wares but also i was supposed to be the hostess at our luncheon table making sure everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and talk about their business. Then i was also to take part in the singing the Twelve Days of Christmas and play the Ukelele (which I don’t really know how to play yet after 4 lessons Smile). This all transpired in just over 2 hours.  All went well – i sold a few calendars and one book, donated one calendar for a draw. Best of all though I was able to talk to women about what i do and what i love to do!  I received great feedback from my teen’s Dream Journal and the tiny “Dream” book i showed you the other day.  One woman in holistic healing wanted to know if i sold my products wholesale (something to look into)……another woman wanted me to teach groups of women how to art journal in a few hours (home parties) – another possibility.

I explained that Art Journaling is a wonderfully healing tool – and that Art Saves lives! 

The singing of the Twelve Days of Christmas went well – we sang rather badly and loudly so the Uke playing was never heard Smile!  We changed the lyrics of the traditional Christmas song to be about shopping and risqué things like bras, g-strings and condoms.  Thankfully i stuck to 7 Ukeleles!

The Peninsula Art Tour

If you live in the White Rock/South Surrey area you might want to check out the Peninsula Art  tour happening this weekend – there are 19 fabulous artists participating this year.  My friend Jess Rice will have his lovely water colours, prints and cards for sale. Come out and support our local artists!  I participated in the tour last year.

I hope you all have a marvellous weekend.  I’ll be babysitting my grandson Sam and then heading out to an evening guitar concert – Christmas theme so I’m so excited about the weekend!


The Business side of Creativity


Yesterday i had a number of different things i needed to accomplish for today – I have a booth at a Women’s Networking luncheon – I’ll be selling my book Journal Bliss, Bliss Calendar and some Teens Dream Journal workshop DVD’s (Beta version).  Also since I’m part of the core committee for the Women’s Networking group I’m supposed to be playing my Ukulele to the 12 Days of Xmas. Since I’ve only had 4 lessons I’m guessing I’ll be lip-syncing the Uke Smile.  I get a bit overwhelmed when i am supposed to do lots of different things – it might be my ADD.  One thing I do to help calm my nerves and prevent me from going around in circles is to write a list or mind map on a white board.  I give every task a time allotment so that i can look at it at a glance and think “Yes – I can do this”. 


My task for the 12 Days of Christmas skit is to shout out 7 UKELELE’S and since i only have one Uke i created this cardboard Ukulele necklace to wear of 6 instruments.  Smile


I put a sample package together to give folks a visual of what the Teen’s Dream Journal Kit might look like if they hire me to teach workshops.  People always like samples.  Yesterday i was sitting on the floor adding labels to the DVD and PDF Cd’s and cursing away while the labels went askew……..also my DVD burner was not cooperating so I needed to go for a walk or scream – one of the two.  I know that some people really enjoy the small details of getting ready for a show or event but I don’t.  It makes me flustered.  I need to find a reframe for the preparation part so that i can enjoy it!  Maybe i can use the phrase “Wow, I get to………”

Of course there is nothing I like better to do than to sit and draw or paint away but that’s just a small part of the Art business Smile.

See you tomorrow – maybe I will post a picture of my booth or the group singing the 12 Days of Christmas!


Step Away from Comparisons: You are the only YOU!




This weekend i worked on a few art journal pieces – as you can see i have reused the girl with the big eyes face and also my Creative Crone image.  When i create something i love i like to reuse it! 

Sometimes when i have projects to work on I hesitate because inside my head i tell myself stories – stories like what I’m going to do is not going to be good enough or perfect enough or whatever my Inner Critic (or Gremlin) is on about at the time.  One of the things i do is to compare myself to other artists. Oh MY GOSH………..when you compare yourself you are HOOPED!  Today with access to the internet we can see all of the juicy art out there being created by thousands and thousands of artists every day.  The list grows longer day by day!  If we get caught up in the comparison trap like i said – We’re HOOPED! 

I have found when i step away from the computer and simply sit down with my supplies in an expectant fashion the art simply flows out of me – intuitively i begin to grab collage items, paints, tools and more.  I don’t overthink things – i just listen to the small voice inside that wants to create!  I love it when this happens!  Try it! Let go of comparisons by DOING.

Playing the Uke

I’m sure you all know that i have taken up playing the Ukulele.  Being a beginner is not easy I tell you but I’m doing it because i like music and also i know that learning how to play an instrument can create new neural pathways in the brain.

My instructor Shawn Julie (from Tapestry Music) is awesome!  He has incredible patience and is more than happy to answer my offbeat questions and observances.  I love that!  Smile

The other day i was suggesting that Shawn create youtube videos on a regular basis to share but also to get more clients.  He told me that it’s a bit daunting because there are so many expert musicians out there that it holds him back.  I thought “WHAT?????????”

I couldn’t believe it!  The Guy is incredibly amazing – he plays several different instruments and has been teaching for over 27 years.  Tears welled up in my eyes as i told him that he was amazing and truly unique and very talented – no one else existed that was JUST LIKE HIM……….NO ONE!!!!!! 

I think he was kind of surprised that I SAW him – his eyes sparkled. It was beautiful!

To make a long story short Shawn has consented to do a video with me – not sure how it will turn out but it will involve teaching, talking and then a bit of Ukulele art!  What i am learning from Shawn is that playing the Uke is similar to creating art – there is doodling and colouring and more! It’s so exciting!

Don’t forget – there is no one – absolutely NO ONE who is YOUER than YOU! You are incomparable! I love YOU!



Sleeping with my Ukulele


I bought a Ukulele so that I could keep my brain healthy (they say that learning a new language or learning how to play an instrument is good for your brain!). Also Eddie Vedder sounds pretty darn cool playing his UKE don’t you think?  I believe that whatever we touch or use often will hold our energy – hence sleeping with my Uke.   Have you ever heard of psychometry?   Psychics use it at times– they claim that an object has an energy field “that transfers knowledge regarding that object’s history”. I know that to be true as years ago when psychic Ralph Hurst trained me I had some pretty profound psychic hits by holding jewellery, pens, keys and tchotchkes that belonged to an unknown person in the room. One of the impressions i received which was correct was “I see a 2 tone green 57 Chevy abandoned, surrounded by long grass”. How bizarre is that?

Sleeping with my Uke

Anyway – getting back to sleeping with my Uke – don’t worry – Mr. G was away on business at the time so no one was injured during sleeptime Smile.  I want my Uke to have as much of my energy on it so that I’ll be motivated to play it often.  I had my first lesson on Tuesday so all i can do right now is strum.  It was pretty strange having a lesson for the first time in my life.  I am a bit claustrophobic so when i approached room number 10 I peered in and thought “There is NO freaking way I’m going in there!”  The room must have been 4’ x 4’ at the most.  When the instructor arrived the first thing i said was “That’s a very tiny room!” Well i did go in there – the teacher was really wonderful.  He allayed my fears of not knowing how to play, being dyslexic and having ADD.  As I left the teeny tiny room a girl of about 10 years old was waiting for her lesson holding a rather big electric guitar.  I felt like a geek walking out with my tiny Ukulele Smile.

Stay tuned to see my UKE appear in art journal pages as well as (possibly) in some videos!

The Embroidery group


Yesterday i gave a talk and a short workshop to an Embroidery group. A few ladies were brave enough to stretch themselves to sketch and experiment with colours and ideas.  Some ladies wanted to chat and stitch which is what i believe they usually do at meetings!


Myra experimenting with twinkling H2O’s


I had fun at the Embroiderer’s group meeting yesterday.  My talk went over well and I’m hoping that some of the members will see the value in keeping a journal to record ideas for future projects. What a wonderful group of ladies – so talented and patient to be able to work on such detailed and varied projects.

It was interesting to watch myself and my reactions to some of the participants choosing not to experiment.  At first I thought “Gosh – i have failed!” but then i realized that many of them (the majority) don’t keep a sketchbook at all and never draw so it can be pretty intimidating. I did see the lights coming on in several of the ladies eyes as they could see the value in keeping a journal to document their projects as well as tease out ideas from their minds.  It was a good exercise in nonattachment for me Smile.  I think sometimes something that you say will hit home at a later date.  So you just never know!

Thank you ladies for inviting me to speak and deliver a short workshop for you!