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Valentine Card workshop prep

I had a fun afternoon yesterday prepping for my Teens/tweens Valentine card workshop today.  I created the following greeting cards to hopefully inspire the teens.valentinecards_collage


I will still create a few more traditional style cards – with large cut-out hearts and doilies.  I’m not really sure what kind of cards teens would like these days since so much is digital! One of the designs I’ll do is a cell phone with an “i heart u” message on it – hopefully that will be popular! I tried to make the designs pretty simple since i don’t know what the skill level is of each teen.  Also i was limited regarding supplies since we really aren’t supposed to use water media in the library. These cards were created with felt pens, pens and pencil crayons (some water soluble).

If you know of any teen or tween who would like to join us today at 3:30 i think there are a couple of spots left – call the White Rock Library.

If you know of any teens in the Ladner/Delta area who might be interested in Art Journaling I’m having an art journal Jam at the Portal on Friday at 3 pm!


Photo in the Delta Optimist

Well I’m off to create more samples and cut cardstock!  Will chat with you on Friday!  Until then have a fabulous week!

Love, Violette xo

Family Celebrations!

My grandson Cillian had his first birthday on Saturday – and we had a lovely celebration at my daughter and son-in-laws home…….


Cillian’s favourite food is Cheerios’ so my daughter had a small cheerio cake made up along with tiny gourmet cupcakes.  Isn’t the cake adorable? The day before his birthday Cillian was desperately searching for his nose/nostril – but to no avail.  Wouldn’t you know it – on his birthday he found it!  There are several pictures with his finger up his nose!


My daughter Jessica made sure the 3 little kids all got loot bags – Sam received a special ball that lights up when you whack it on the ground – Toby in the background with my son Ryan got a fun jingly rattle – that was a hit!


The Loot bags Smile


presents……….Cillian received lots of books and a few clothes as he already has tons of toys!


Cillian’s favourite colour is red so it was a red, black and white themed party! If you can see off to the side of the table there are numerous tiny picture frames?  Well the adults all received a small framed picture of Cillian dressed up in a spaceman outfit – cute!


Close-up shot of the cake!

Well that’s my excitement for today – the rest of the weekend was spent fixing up the kitchen and attempting to create more useable drawers in the already minuscule space.  I am on a mission to make life easier and more efficient for us!  Thankfully Mr. G is very amenable to that! Smile

See you on Wednesday!  Oh……if you know of any tweens/teens who would like to create Valentine’s cards – i am teaching Valentine Card making at the library this Wednesday!  You must register to come!  Hope to see you there! xo

Love, Violette xo