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A Sneak Peek!


Just a sneak peek of some collages I’m creating for a client.  I’m on deadline right now and in a bit of a funk so won’t be blogging today.  I’ll be back tomorrow though.

Oh one more thing – my friend Tina Ferguson will be talking about Creative goal setting on her podcast tonight.  You can listen here! at 6 pm (PST).  I’m sure many of you out there will be interested to learn how to effectively set some goals to help your creative juices flow more easily in 2011!

Ciao for now! xo

The Welcoming Tree


This is the tree i drew in my video the other day


This photo was taken 5 or so years ago in Mount Shasta – hugging a tree of course! 


This is a picture of yours truly and Mr. G’s grandson Leium hugging my favourite tree. Leium didn’t hesitate to hug the tree when i asked him – totally not self-conscious about it which i LOVED!

I’m having problems righting this image – i’m working in a new program.

I created the “tree” illustration for the Sketchbook Challenge first prompt –“Highly Prized” As many of you know i love trees, receive so much energy and love from them that it seemed apt to used this prompt to honour my “tree friends”. The sketch is not completed yet – i still need to finish it off with some pencil crayon work.  I used micron pens and copic markers to colour in the sketch. I am so loving the markers to add a quick bit of colour to my work! If you click on the link to the Copic website you’ll find out about a new airbrush system that is now available.  Many folks at Journalfest were raving about it.  I think that Teesha Moore’s husband Tracy Moore uses this system. Tracy’s journals by the way are FABULOUS!

Journal Spilling–Book review


Diana Trout’s book Journal Spilling and the DVD “Playful paper backgrounds” featuring Diana!


One of the juicy pages in Diana’s book to entice you.

I met Diana Trout at Journalfest a couple of months ago and was delighted to find how down to earth and easy to chat to she was.  A friend of mine took one of Diana’s classes and was thrilled with her project and the class.   Diana and i exchanged books at Journalfest.  And while in my wee little nun’s room in the evening I devoured Journal Spilling delighting in the colours, techniques, journal prompts and downright inspiration! 

Diana doesn’t mind getting messy so in Journal Spilling she encourages the reader to do the same. Some of her unique exercises like Taming your inner critic helps you move past those pesky voices which stops you in your track! That section is one of my favourites along with the “Inner creature paper dolls”….oh and there’s the carving stamps section…..i could go on and on! Diana’s book is one of the best books on art journaling that i have ever seen!  Really! 

The Playful Paper Backgrounds DVD is also a winner in my mind – owning  both Journal Spilling and this DVD is like having a personal workshop with Diana.

If you would like to see Diana at work check out her youtube channel where she generously shares many of her lovely techniques with you. 

Diana is also involved in the Sketchbook Challenge – read her profile here.

Soldered Jewellery and Original art oh my!!!!!!!

I don’t know if you have noticed yet but my store page has been revamped – now you can buy the original art i worked on for the Open Studio as well as prints, cards, magnets, bookmarks and classes. I am so very excited because in the near future I’ll have some soldered pieces of my art available as pendants – so you can wear your inspiration!  I’ll let you know as soon as they are ready.

If you are feeling Creatively Stuck and need a bit of help reuniting with your inner creativity i would love to help you with a Creative Catalyst session .  What i love to do MORE THAN ANYTHING is inspire people to embrace their creativity!

6th Year Blog Anniversary Contest! Yippee!


In honour of my 6th year of blogging I’m having a great BIG the Whole Enchilada blog giveaway! Yippee!!!!!! I’ll be giving away well over 100 dollars worth of artsy products! This is what you can win:

  • Journal Bliss – a hand signed copy of my book
  • Living the Creative Life by Rice Freeman Zachary – i’m one of the artists featured in Rice’s book – it’s a bestseller and a super inspiring book.
  • A DVD of my class Journal Bliss – videos and PDF files
  • A DVD of my class Bohemian Bliss – videos and PDF files
  • an original Violette mixed media art journal page (not the one shown here but it will be a fun page for sure and you can better believe it will have a face on it!)
  • 2 heavy duty shiny 4” magnets – “I am my own best friend” and “love the earth”
  • 4 greeting cards (not shown in the picture)
  • and whatever else i’m inspired to throw in the mix!

Just leave a message in the comments section of this blogpost in order to be entered to win! Good luck!

Box of Bliss

I am planning on launching a new product in the next week – It’s called Box of Bliss – the box will consist of my two Workshop DVD’s, a signed copy of Journal Bliss and a print of one of my favourite journal pages. Please stay tuned for that! I’m pretty excited about it since this idea has been on the backburner for some time now. Have you ever noticed how much I love the word “Bliss”?

The Wish Studio Blog

If you did not see yesterday’s blogpost (since many folks in Canada and the States were off celebrating holidays) I was a guest blogger over at Wish Studios – please check out the post here.

Yoga for the Planet

And now for something completely different……….you can check out Bernie Clark’s “Please Mind the Planet” presentation (we attended last year) here. It’s an introduction to Climate Change today and what we can do to prevent it. 

This is me playing around with – for those of you who are auditorily inclined 🙂

Guest Blogger at Wish Studio

Happy Thanksgiving Canada! We are still celebrating thanksgiving here having yummy dinners with family. 

Last month i was a guest blogger over at the fabulous Wish Studio blog and for some reason missed that i was on.  So sorry about that.  Anyways it was an honour to be asked to blog by Mindy Tsonas and be in the company of so many wonderful bloggers.  After reading my post please check out the numerous inspiring stories there!

It’s true, everything that happens in our lives can be seen as a gift if we only choose to uncover the gems in our so-called challenges.

Recently I broke my wrist while kayaking (I tipped out while exiting) on vacation.  It was the beginning of our holidays and I was excited and looking forward to two weeks of kayaking and being out on the water. My idea of fun sure wasn’t sitting around for five hours in a hospital emergency room waiting for my wrist to be reset into position and then plastered into a cast. But alas that’s what happened. Read the rest of the post here.

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