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This and That


This is my friend Angela’s art – she painted a picture of a woman with a cute headband.  On the headband it says “I heart violette”.  Too sweet eh?  Angela mailed this whimsical painting to me – it cost her a pretty penny.  Thank you Angela.  Your painting will be going up in my Studio!

I glittered the woodblock girls and will be posting them on my etsy site this morning after i do a mini photo shoot and create the write ups.  I seem to be having a bit of a problem with being regular about posting art on etsy.  My New Year’s resolution was to sell a certain amount of artful products per day on etsy by the end of June i think……anyways i only have a couple of months left and am no where near close to my projections.  I’m also having problems posting the appropriate shipping costs.  Shipping from Canada costs way more that to ship from the states.  For example I’ve been losing a ton of money because I haven’t been charging the appropriate amounts – to ship my notebooks i think i was charging 4 dollars to the states and it actually cost me 7 dollars plus an extra dollar for the hard mailer………so that’s 8 dollars.  Which means I’m out 4 dollars.  Good grief.  I’m better off selling prints which cost much less to mail.

I’d Rather be in the Studio

I’m reading a book right now called I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self -Promotion by Alyson Stanfield. It’s great – I highly recommend it (I don’t get anything for saying that either!). This is a book I wish I had come across a number of years ago. You’ve most likely heard me whine that I would much rather be drawing and doodling than promoting myself, doing the social network thing, mailings etc. Well if Alyson knew me she’d probably give me a swift kick in the pants…..seriously – she does not endure whining and ultimately says “Ditch the excuses” and get with the program. “Your art studio is a place where magic happens – but not enough magic that you can afford to stay there all of the time.” She teaches you all kinds of practical things like how to create your own marketing materials, artist statement, how to introduce yourself as an artist, expand your mailing list and more. She also teaches you how to become a media magnet so that your buyers come to you. I just wanted to pass this little gem along to you if you are serious about making the most of your art business!

Here is a cool little video on how to build your business using social media.

Check out Linda’s Free paper doll template .  She was inspired by yesterday’s post on leveraging your art.  What a great idea Linda!

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