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Violette Clark intro video

Violette introduction Video

Hello everyone!  I finally did it – i finally created an intro video introducing myself.  It’s something i should have created a very long time ago – it’s much more difficult to do than creating an art video which is about the art and not you so much. I hung on to the video for 3 weeks before releasing it into the world as my inner critic was having a heyday!  It was pretty vicious saying such things as:

“your smile is crooked – you talk out of the corner of your mouth!”

“you’re old….give it up!”

“your teeth are crooked”

“you blather on too much – who’s going to care what you have to say?”

“check out the porridge you left out on the stove….idiot!”

and the critic went on and on until i was metaphorically huddled in a corner in the fetal position.

So I went out and bought this t-shirt on special which allows me to be “perfectly imperfect”.



I figure better done than not done at all right? So i released the video into the world.  And i received some lovely and kind feedback on Facebook which was awesome!  Thank you dear sweet souls!

For those of you who are not on Facebook I have shared a bit about my health journey – my health was pretty terrible last year…..culminating in a diverticulosis diagnois (as well as a number of other things).  I had a big attack which almost landed me in the ER so i decided to make a few lifestyle changes. The changes included walking every day, adding meditation and cutting down on my wine consumption as well as monitoring my food choices. As a result i feel more peaceful, have lost 5 pounds which i had wanted to lose for some time and have not had the terrible pain i had been experiencing.

So it’s onward and upwards for me.  What are you adding/taking out of your life to live the life your truly want?

Love, Violette xo


We have a winner! Hooray!


Congratulations to Cyndi Adams  for winning my 4th Year Book Anniversary Giveaway!  I’m sure your little daughter will enjoy creating with you while using Journal Bliss for ideas and inspiration!  I’ll bet she’ll like the wee freak elephant too!

Thank you so much to all who entered the contest – i really enjoyed AND was moved by your comments. Your biggest Creative Challenge ran the gamut from procrastination, lack of time, lack of focus, not knowing where to begin to illness holding you back.  My heart goes out to you – please know that i have experienced all the above challenges as well.  Art has truly save me and i hope it continues to save you too!

Graphic Recording for Strategic Planning

susan_graphic recording

This is my friend Susan Keeping who is running for political office here in my area – South Surrey/White Rock. She’s very passionate about making a difference in her community.

susan_graphic recording1

I’m helping out in the office once a week until the Provincial election on May 14th.  I’m not very politically minded however i can draw Smile so i offered to do this graphic recording for Susan’s office so that everyone who comes in could see at a glance what is going on – what functions are happening and what the goal is.  Quite honestly it wasn’t clear to me until i started drawing the plan out. Some of the comments i have received were about the poster being bright and happy.  I’ll take that Smile! You always have more engagement when you can visually explain what the vision is!

susan_graphic recording_detail

Here is a close-up of the poster.


I have to figure out a way to add this widget to my sidebar – it’s for the Into the heART art retreat my friend Nicci has organized.

Well that’s it for today – see you on Friday!

Love, Violette xo

Friday photo!

A couple of days ago i was having a meeting with a coach at the Small Rituals cafe and i snapped this photo before she arrived!


I’m having a soy chai latte!  Very yummy! 

I had the loveliest e-mail from Sandy who had used my book Journal Bliss to inspire her Playshops – here is a bit of what she said:

I recently used the book to inspire me for my new ‘Dream Weaver’ vision-casting playshop.
I can’t tell you how useful the book was-I hand-colored, hand-drew and hand-lettered all the handouts
for this playshop and the response was really dramatic….breakthroughs and lots of fun.
So right-brain.
I can see people becoming kids again and ‘playing’ with their markers and pens and paper.
Your book was the reason I had a successful playshop, Violette, and I thank you so much!
Your generosity knows no bounds and you help all of us who are learning from you.
Thank you for allowing us to be able to use your drawings, sketches and paintings to inspire us to do the same.
I couldn’t have done it without you!

Sandy is a Life and Business Coach and Law of Attraction Instructor.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear that my book has inspired Sandy to create a wonderful workshop for her clients.  On the days when I wonder what’s it all about Alfie Smile – it’s e-mails like Sandy’s that keep me going!  Thanks Sandy!

Are you all enjoying Jennifer Lee’s Right Brainers in Business Video Summit? I have been – I have difficulty watching the videos and interacting in the chat area at the same time so often i just open the video in large format.  Having ADD makes it difficult to concentrate on the two things.  I’m receiving lots of great nuggets of inspiration and direction from this fabulous series.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Violette xox

Art Journaling Workshop for Grieving Teens

Hospice poster

I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be teaching a free art journaling workshop for teens on February 10th in White Rock, B.C.  If you know any teens who have suffered a loss then please encourage them to sign up!

I have had a bad reaction to Estrogen cream (for menopausal symptoms) so I’ve been sick the past few days with flu like symptoms.  I don’t normally take drugs and am more into holistic healing.  Do any of you know of any natural remedies for menopause?  I have low estrogen levels.  Hot flashes don’t bother me so much. Thank you!