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This webinar addressed considerations for mentoring programs serving youth and families impacted by opioid and substance misuse. Presenters discussed the effects of the opioid epidemic on communities from a trauma informed lens and the role of mentoring, provided a clinical overview of supporting youth who have or are at risk of developing a substance disorder, and shared hands on mentoring strategies and insights that mentoring practitioners can utilize to better support youth mentees in their programs who are impacted by opioids. How can organizations become more relationship focused?How can nonprofits work collectively to improve outcomes for youth aging out of foster care?What are common misunderstandings about youth who experience foster care?What is one barrier that you wouldn’t typically think about that youth in foster care have and how can we help them overcome that obstacle?How can mentoring organizations work together with child welfare agencies to better support youth in foster care?What kind of training and support is necessary for mentors who serve youth in foster care?What gives you hope about supporting youth who are impacted by foster care?.

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