This and that…..Monday

A few things on my mind these days….


Mr. G and I FINALLY finished the inspirational hearts for my friend.  They took us over 12 hours in total to make so we won’t be doing that again – not unless we create an assembly line – Mr. G has a fulltime job so that won’t happen Smile. We loved making them for my magical friend Cathy Yeomans who is a wizard when it comes to PR advice and event management.  I highly recommend her services – she’s worked magic for me a few times! Let me know if you are interested in her services and I’ll forward her e-mail to you – she doesn’t have a website and has been mostly receiving referral business. She’s definitely a “Heart based entrepreneur”.


Here are 2 of the hearts in Cathy’s lovely polka dotted pots – ready to inspire all who walk by. 


Things that make me happy #1

The Eccentric Logger who emerged from the woods

A good friend of ours has sold his house and is embarking on a gypsy/bohemian adventure hitting the roads of B.C. (I am so envious!) and going where the wind takes him.  He plans on visiting eco villages in B.C. and lending his expertise to the villagers – he’s a carpenter and all around handyman by trade – i met him 20 or more years ago after he emerged from the woods of B.C. He was a scary logger who was almost killed when his chainsaw kicked back hurtling in the air and came down on his face cutting him up terribly. It was amazing that he even survived the accident.  In any case when i met him at a Metaphysical class he was a bit scary looking with deep scars on his face and using incredibly colourful language beginning with the letter “F” (every second word) Smile. Back then he scared the beejesus out of me.

I believe opening up to the spiritual world helped save him. In any case he is one of my dear eccentric friends who has kept things interesting the past couple of decades. Oh…….and my ADD has kicked in here…… i embarked on a story triggered by the above Lava lamp.  My friend Brian is divesting himself of many items in his home – the lava lamp being one of them. I’ve always wanted a lava lamp! It will definitely be added to my list of “things that make me happy”.


Things that make me happy #2

Brian worked for the movie industry creating sets and all kinds of interesting props. Some of you may know I’m a UFO buff……so i had to quickly call dibs on this Brian made UFO hanging on my friend’s wall before any of the other party goers snagged it Smile. Mr. G also saw possibilities  in a large wooden lattice looking structure which he could envision as a headboard so naturally we took that too.  I also chose a number of spiritual books and some CD’s.


Now this is not all that creative however i wanted to share with you what is going on at the Magic Cottage.  I am trying to organize myself and make things easier for me and one of the ways is to make it easier to cook in the kitchen. Rather than pull out gadgets from drawers i thought it would be handy if there was a magnetized container on the side of the fridge.  I was going to get Mr. G to build me something elaborate from wood or a tube of PVC but eventually settled on this tin which Mr. G’s sister in South Africa sent me with a necklace inside.  Since i am sentimental I’ll think of her whenever i go to grab a gadget.  How did we attach it to the stove?  We simply glued on several disk magnets!

Art Journal Jam tomorrow!

Just a reminder that there is an art journal Jam tomorrow at the Good Day Sunshine Cafe at 3:30 pm. It’s free – come out and jam with us, share ideas, techniques and your favourite supplies!  I’m looking forward to seeing some of you at the Jam! xo

Love, Violette xo

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  1. Lisa Lynn
    January 28, 2013 at 11:17 am (7 years ago)

    your gadget holding is totally creative, organized, and resourceful !!! I love this random thought blogging style too. It grooves with “being true to ourselves”

    Hmm… as for your friend- great gift btw, I really want to make housing the homeless the next sexy, cool thing to do !

    I am so jealous of the UFO, great catch there 🙂 My best friend Jax can join me in shouting to the world Violette is SO COOL she has her very own UFO!

    I have been struggling with being true to myself, but maybe it has passed a bit. I am off and running to a mental health criminal justice committee meeting- have a blessed and fantabulous you kinda day !
    xoxoxoxxo to the moon and back,


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