Walking on Hot Coals (aka firewalking)

Check out the chippy nail polish!

Last nite I wanted to take a picture of myself walking on coals to demonstrate a point on this morning’s blogpost and in doing so I singed my toe. I let out a small YELP……..but apparently it wasn’t loud enough to rouse Mr. G from the kitchen table since on a scale from one to ten i’m guessing he thought it was a 3 YELP on the pain spectrum…….but I digress……

I liken tackling your FEARS and limitations to walking on Hot Coals. Many years ago Business and motivational Guru Anthony Robbins was taking folks on firewalking expeditions as a metaphor of embracing your fears and doing the things that scare you. We have limiting beliefs imposed upon us by society, our family of origin or maybe even genetically programmed into us. So we go through life perhaps not experiencing things that will enrich us because of some of these limitations. Maybe they served us as a child – don’t touch the stove it’s hot, you might burn yourself – but they are no longer helpful or needed as we become adults. So when you let go of these limiting beliefs all kinds of magical things happen. You begin to take that course you’ve always wanted to take even though you’re a total newbie and might look silly and awkward. You start a brand new JOURNAL even though you were afraid to mess up that gorgeous stark white BLANK BOOK! You ask that artist you’ve always admired out for lunch so you can learn about her art journey. You banish fears of rejection and ask that cute fellow at the pub to dance.

Your world begins to expand and you start to think that the sky’s the limit! I’m not saying that I am never fearful – GOSH no…..i am afraid quite often but quite frankly the alternative to NOT embracing my fears and doing what would enrich my life is worse. Living in regret is worse than stepping timidly towards your dreams and embracing tiny goals.

Have I ever walked on hot coals you ask? No…i almost did a few times but I understood what was behind it and that it was a metaphor and a personal growth tool and did not feel the need to do it. Whenever i’m fearful of something I ask myself “what’s the worst thing that could happen?”….the answer is usually not as bad as I had thought. I might get rejected but that’s okay – that’s just one step closer to a YES…….and it builds strength and character……i might get laughed at because i’m not very adept at using a particular art tool (highly unlikely that we would be laughed at)…….or we could send a crafty project to that paper arts magazine we adore and have it sent back (no biggie, we didn’t have it in the magazine before anyways and guess what? Another magazine might just snap up our jazzy crafty project!) We can just verbally shout NEXT!!!!!!!!!

So what are you wating for? What fears are you ready to embrace?

3 Comments on Walking on Hot Coals (aka firewalking)

  1. Anna Rosa
    July 15, 2010 at 3:03 pm (10 years ago)

    Hi Violette,
    Ah, very well written post*especially for artists who hold back!

    One of my fears is getting lost. I should get over it by driving into an unkown area, getting lost and finding my way out again!
    Ah, I know I should!

  2. Jessie
    July 16, 2010 at 2:37 am (10 years ago)

    Hi Violette,
    I’ll never forget the documentry I saw in the early eighties of people doing this for real. I’m so glad you seee it as a metaphor too! By the way I lOVe your sparkly nalis!xx

  3. Everyday Kathy
    July 17, 2010 at 6:03 pm (10 years ago)

    Hello Violette… my dear friend Jaye just reviewed your book and I did a quick google search expecting to find the Amazon listing and saw the listing for your blog! Next week is Creativity week over on my blog Everyday Bliss and I now plan to review your book as well… since I saw your website I also thought I’d extend an invitation for you to write a guest post on creativity… if you would like. Let me know if you are interested!

    I actually did one of those Tony Robbins Fire Walks about 15 years ago… It was a surreal experience!!

    I look forward to sharing your books inspiration with my readers!
    Warm regards,


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